Five Artists You Need To Listen To (Right Now!)


Aurora’s sound can only be described as lilty glittering swan songs. Her soaring sopranos accompanied by inventive and eclectic poppy music sound icy and otherworldly. Her lyrics are crafted with loving care and her voice is perfectly suited for spinning her musical stories. Forget your traditional love songs; Aurora doesn’t sing about ex-boyfriends or one night stands (at least not in the way you’ve heard.) Her music is almost spiritual, evoking nature and self-love in her words. The ultimate patron of girl power, Aurora will have you dancing and singing and crying and laughing by the time you finish her debut album, All My Demons Greeted Me As A Friend.

    -My favorite songs: Runaway, Warrior, Conquerer

    -Sounds like: Lorde, Jack Garratt, Oh Wonder


Elektrik People

While they have yet to come out with a full-length album, the songs and EPs that Elektrik People have released so far are nothing short of phenomenal. A cross between eerie pop and alternative rock, they’re quickly becoming an artist to watch. Some of their music has been featured on the Netflix Original series Hemlock Grove, and they are on track to becoming big radio hits. They have all the aspects of a supreme rock band: incredible lyrics, undeniably catchy tunes, and a charismatic, well put-together group. If you’re looking for music to take your dance party to the next level, look no further then Elektrik People.

    -My favorite songs: I Love My Life, Make Me A Bird, If I Was Your Lover

    -Sounds like: DNCE, Ms Mr, St. Lucia


Eliza and the Bear

If you’re a fan of good, clean alternative music minus all the bells and whistles, you’ll love Eliza and the Bear. Whether you’re looking for some music to help you through an intense study sesh or jamming at the gym, this band is your answer. Their self-titled debut album came out this year and it’s chock full of amazing ballads and hip tracks to keep you smiling. Listening to their album is a guaranteed mood booster, perfect for those days when you’re just not feeling like yourself. Listen to a few tracks on the way to class and you’ll be well on your way to having a great day.

    -My favorite songs: It Gets Cold, Friends, Talk

    -Sounds like: The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Big Sixes


Prinze George

The band Prinze George has mastered the art of crafting good music. Their songs evoke whimsy, urgency, happiness, and countless other emotions. Each instrument and vocal track is placed precisely where it belongs, resulting in an incredibly unique listening experience. As a unit, their music is incredibly their own, and distinguishable from any other artist by a mile. Their album Illiterate Synth Pop is a definitive statement towards their status as an act on the rise. The album is youthful and bouncy, but sobers up for a few stellar ballads. Consider their songs a shiny crisp Christmas present: it just makes you feel happy.

    -My favorite songs: Upswing, We Are Dreamers, This Time

    -Sounds like: Sylvan Esso, Cillie Barnes, AYER



The future is here, and it’s Superhumanoids. If aliens could make music, it would sound something like Do You Feel Ok? (the band’s second album.) With two albums already under their belt, this trio is set to make it big in the underground music world. Their music merges soft female vocals with hard electronic instrumentals, resulting in a perfectly weird musical love-child. It’s hard to categorize Superhumanoids; their sound is electronic and poppy, alternative and rock. After you sift through their intricate melodies, the lyrics will blow you away. Superhumanoids are truly like nothing else you’ve heard, and yet they’re utterly familiar. Not quite 80s, not quite of this time period, the Superhumanoids are here to stay.

    -My favorite songs: Norwegian Black Metal, Anxious In Venice, Black Widow

    -Sounds like: Gardens & Villa, The Bird and the Bee, Big Black Delta