Eryn Cooper

Name: Eryn Cooper

Hometown: Oakton, Virginia

Major: Telecommunication and Film

Favorite band: “Too many to choose! I’d have to say Hanson or the Foo Fighters.”

Favorite place to eat in Tuscaloosa: “Taco Mama. Hands down.”

What clubs are you involved in? “I’m a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, a reporter for the UA sports network, Crimson Tide Productions, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Golden Key Honor Society, and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society.”

What is your favorite part about your major? “My favorite part would have to be how I’m learning to be a better storyteller. It’s a science and an art form.”

What has been the best class you have taken at UA so far? “My favorite class has been Interpersonal Communication with Dr. Griffin. Not only was it a whole lot of fun, I learned a ton of diverse information about all kinds of cultures and mindsets.”

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be and why? “Ryan Seacrest. He is who I look up to within my desired profession and I’d love to talk with him about his success and experiences.”

What was the coolest part about your internship with the Redskins this summer? “The coolest part was getting my feet wet in all aspects of the broadcast industry--filmography, editing, on-camera reporting, building and taking apart sets, website management. You name it, I got to do it! It was also fun to watch myself build upon and get faster at the skills I acquired.”

Describe yourself in three words. Confident, Compassionate, Energetic.

What do you think is your best quality? “I’d say my excitement to take on any new challenge or task is my best quality.  I am always confident to try my best, but cautious enough to take my time and ask questions to make sure I get the job done right.”

What are you passionate about? “I’m passionate about music and storytelling.  I think musicians are incredible storytellers, so that’s why I want to be a music entertainment journalist--to help storytellers tell their stories.”

Where do you see yourself in five years? “In five years I hope to be an on-air entertainment reporter. Fingers crossed that I’ll have interviewed a few of my favorite stars on the red carpet by then!”