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Let’s face it, this year has not been the “Roaring Twenties” we all hoped it would be. From a global pandemic to repeated acts of social injustice, calling this year “overwhelming” would be an understatement. In this season of constant change and loss, it’s natural to pick up your phone and refresh your social media pages. As weird as it may seem, have you thought about how refreshing your social media might hurt you more than help you? 

Social media is a great way for our generation to stay connected since we have the privilege of getting news right at our fingertips just moments after something has happened. Of course, it is important to stay current with what is going on in society, but in moments where you feel overwhelmed by life, it can be healthier for you to take a break from your social media. As selfish as it may feel, breaking free from your phone and temporarily disconnecting from the chaos of the world is not being selfish. Going on a social media cleanse is a great way to avoid any anxiety on top of stressors that are already present in your personal life, such as having to adjust to online school. By getting rid of your social media, you can also make time in your day to do something relaxing like getting your nails done, or as Emma Chamberlain does- going to paint pottery! 

Our world is constantly changing. One minute, Gigi Hadid is pregnant and the next, Montana is having a mid-September blizzard. You might be thinking, “being out of the global news loop would just add to my anxiety,” but participating in a social media cleanse doesn’t mean you have to completely disconnect from the world. Social media cleanses can be as quick as turning your phone on silent for a couple hours or as long as suspending your accounts for a couple days. Also remember, social media is not the only way to stay connected with the world. Calling a friend or family member is one way to keep up to date with current events without the overwhelming feeling that comes with scrolling through Twitter for an hour. Social media cleanses should be something you choose to do on your own time, not something you or anyone else forces you to do. 

Next time you’re lying in bed going through your Instagram feed, stop and think about how you feel before, during, and after doing so. Do you feel fulfilled and happy, or do you now feel overwhelmed and upset? If you feel overwhelmed and upset, then it might be time to consider taking a break. There is no shame in doing what is best for you, especially in this season of constantly hearing about these unforeseen events occurring in the world, both good and bad. Take a break, get your nails done, paint some pottery, and remember it’s okay to disconnect when you need it. 

Hi, I'm Claire! I'm currently a senior at Alabama, majoring in business and minoring in sales. I'm so excited to be a writer for Her Campus at Alabama this semester! Some things I love include going to Target, my three dogs, and driving to Birmingham on the weekends with my friends!
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