Campus Celebrity: Amber Underwood


Name : Amber Underwood

Hometown: Alabaster, AL

Major/Minor: Social Work major/Communications Studies minor

Campus Involvement: 3rd year Resident Advisor at Presidential Village 1, a 2nd year Desk Assistant at Presidential Village 1, an active member within the Theta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., a member of Church of the Highlands Tuscaloosa, and a new member of the Order of Omega.

Q: What are your career goals? 

A: "After obtaining my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, I plan to go in to International Social Work, with a concentration on traveling. I have recently gained a heart for the mission of Christ so going in to the Journeymen program, where I do worldwide missions, is a huge decision that is on my heart."


Q: What is your biggst accomplishment? 

A: "My biggest accomplishment took place March 21, 2015 – March 29, 2015. I was blessed with the opportunity to go on a mission trip with a group of college students from Church of the Highlands in Auburn. I grew up in a very guarded and sheltered home so the farthest I have ever been on my own these last 22 years is in my surrounding cities in Alabama, and Atlanta and Tennessee. So I would say the biggest accomplishment for me is flying on a plane for the very first time. What makes it more special and dear to me is that I was not traveling internationally for fun – I was flying for the sake of the Kingdom and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Q: What are your hobbbies? 

A: "I truly find joy in journaling daily, working out as much as I can, listening to Smooth Jazz music, inspiring others through the words my Savior puts on my heart, reading books that will help me grow as a person, typing papers, and serving others in and out of the church."

Q: What inspired you to do a mission trip? What have you learned from it?  

A: "My inspiration from going to the Dominican Republic came from a picture my dear friend posted on Instagram last year, from when she went to the Dominican Republic. At the time of her posting I had been in a very rough season of my life where I felt totally disconnected from God and people due to a broken relationship. I believe sometimes we get so stuck on what we want that we fail to see the beauty behind what we don’t understand. Going on that mission trip totally wrecked and gave me a whole new perspective on life. I learned that it is so not healthy to walk out on the will of God when you can’t see or comprehend what He is doing in your life; you just have to simply trust Him. Each season in life prepares us for the next and if we don’t acquire the tools necessary in that season, we won’t be prepared for what He has next. If there is anything I can leave with you from my experience in the Dominican Republic, it would be to disconnect from this world and connect to something bigger than yourself. Spend time getting to know yourself and be open to growth. Pursue more from life because there is so much out there for you to see. There is simply more to life than we all think we are living."


Q: What is your most memorable moment since being at UA?

A: "I don’t really have a “most” memorable moment here at UA. Every day is a defining moment for where I am going. Every day is a memory, a moment to find Joy, and touch a life other than yourself. Each day simply prepares you for the next."


Q: What would you like people to remember most about you once you leave UA? 

A: "When I depart from the Capstone, I only hope that you remember what life is truly about and that is the service and lives of others. When my best friend passed in 2010, she left a quote with me that I carry in my heart and I hope that it touches you in some shape, form, or fashion. She said: “Lifting a person’s heart, that matters. Later on in life it won’t matter what car we drove, what house we lived in, or what clothes we wore. What will    matter is how many lives we’ve touched and how many lives touched us.” -Porcia Murrill"