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5 Ice Cream Hacks You Need to Try Now

Although many may view ice cream as a food, the more informed among us know: it is an art. I am an artist, a self-declared connoisseur, if you will, who is here to explain the flaws in your at-home ice cream consumption.

Your pants are too tight.

This one is simple. It is merely impossible to fully enjoy the ice cream experience when your stomach is restricted! Take off your jeans and put on some stretchy pants with breezy fabric. The right pair of pants can transform any ice cream occasion!

Your spoon is too big.

When it comes to ice cream, I refuse to use any spoon larger than a standard baby spoon. A baby spoon ensures that you take small, intentional bites to fully experience the creamy, sugary, deliciousness of ice cream. 

You are not eating your ice cream at its desirable temperature!

Either way, too hard or too soft an ice cream can ruin your experience. Blue Bunny researcher and developer, Jon Oldroyd, suggests a serving temperature of 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit according to this article.

You're using an incorrect vessel.

A bowl is just too clunky and awkward to hold. Although a mug may seem like a good alternative, it is a little too deep to comfortably get your spoon in there. Instead, consider using a soup tureen like this one. The soup tureen is, as a wise woman once said, the best of both worlds. You get the surface area of a bowl (great for even distribution of toppings, bowl to mouth shoveling, etc) and the comfort of a mug! This simple difference can be a GAME CHANGER and great investment for ice cream eaters everywhere.

You need malted milk.

If you made it this far, congratulations, I am about to change your life. My last and most important tip: Carnations Malted Milk. For less than $5, you can elevate your ice cream game to a whole new level. Malted milk is the powder that is added to milkshakes to make malts. If you have never tried it, run to the store RIGHT NOW and sprinkle some on top of a chocolatey ice cream; it is one of the most delicious experiences this world can offer.

With these tips, you too have the power to become an ice cream connoisseur. Live your best ice cream life!

Zoe Bennett

Alabama '23

Zoe is from Portland, Oregon, studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama!
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