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44 Thoughts We All Have On Alabama Game Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

Alabama Game Day is unlike any other experience. There is no other way to describe it than through my own thoughts.

  1. It’s too early for this.
  2. What will I even wear today?
  3. Who cares, food first.
  4. Roll tide, too.
  5. Okay, I need something with protein that will last me all day.
  6. Who are we playing today, again?
  7. Oh yeah duh, them.
  8. I wonder what Saban is wearing. It’s probably something too scandalous, just like all of us SEC women.
  9. Ah, why is my roommate wearing blue and orange pajamas?
  10. I wonder who Auburn plays.
  11. They’ll probably get crushed….Hopefully.
  12. Alright, food, check, outfit, check, hair and make-up time.
  13. How will I stay lookin’ this good in the Alabama heat?
  14. Not going to happen, but it’s not about me. It’s about the Tide. And Saban. Always.
  15. Alright I have ten minutes and then time to meet up with the friends.
  16. Do I have everything? ACT card, some cash, sunglasses, and my trusty shaker. Oh, and driver’s license in case we go to the bars after.
  17. Shoot, I forgot my lucky underwear!! That is a must.
  18. Good to go.
  19. Roll tide.
  20. Aw, my friends look so cute!
  21. I wonder where she got those boots.
  22. Where are we tailgating?
  23. Look at all that crimson and white; isn’t it just beautiful?
  24. I would never want to drive in this traffic.
  25. The quad is poppin’.
  26. Aww, all the families are adorable. I can’t wait to dress my kids up in Bama gear one day.
  27. Wow, I forgot families existed while stuck in my college bubble.
  28. Okay, kickoff in 45 minutes.
  29. All the little pledges are so cute in their pledge gear.
  30. They must be so hot though.
  31. Okay, game time. Let’s head into beautiful Bryant-Denny.
  32. First quarter and I’m getting nervous.
  33. Wow, Saban looks spiffy.
  34. We always do this and always come back, stop stressing.
  35. Okay touchdown, we’re good.
  36. Is it time to sing Dixieland Delight yet?
  37. I love my school.
  38. Wow, are we really this good?
  39. Another win to add to the books.
  40. National championship, here we come!
  41. Alright time to go eat.
  42. Can’t wait for next Saturday to do it all again.
  43. How did I get so lucky with Alabama football?
  44. Roll tide forever. I’m never graduating.

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Hey guys! My name is Kourtney Jakubowski and I am a sophomore at University of Alabama, I feel so lucky! I came from beautiful San Diego where I learned to keep active and always seek new adventures. College is scary, so I hope to make that transition a little easier! Roll tide
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