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3 Underrated TV Shows You Need to Watch

With school back in full swing, finding free time can be tough. I’m usually busy from the moment I wake up until the second my head hits the pillow that night. However, when I do have a day off or time to kill, I usually like to watch TV to fill up some of that time. I’m a full believer in Netflix and all it offers, but I also recently became interested in Hulu. I had a code for a 45 day free trial and I decided to go for it. I was invested almost immediately. With this new outlet, as well as old ones, I noticed there were a couple of television shows that I adored, but never really heard much about. Some of these are past their prime, but I think they’re still relevant. Here are three shows that I enjoy that you might not have heard much about before.

1. Community

This show is currently my go-to show on Hulu. The setting is a community college with seven misfit students in a study group. I think I’ve said enough already. It’s a little strange (and uncomfortable) at times, but it can be hilarious if you’re willing to dedicate the time to watch it. All of the episodes are 22 minutes long, so it’s easy to squeeze in an episode between class or right before you go to sleep. Or you can breeze through a season in a couple of days. No judgement here.

2. Leverage

This is more of a lesser known show, but it’s absolutely worth watching. The series focuses on a group of 5 con-artists who steal from the rich to give to the poor, Robin Hood style. The episodes are incredibly creative and always entertaining. Plus, it’s on Hulu AND Netflix!

3. Psych

This is a hilarious classic. Shawn Spencer is a “psychic” detective who works for the Santa Barbara Police Department helping solve crimes with his “abilities.” He’s joined by his best friend Gus, and the two of them crack some of the greatest jokes I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, the show was pulled from Netflix recently. It does have DVD’s though.


Some of these shows may not be for everyone, but in the age of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, some laid-back and different shows that not everyone’s talking about can be a refreshing change.

Cover Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

Shaina is a senior Psychology major with minors in Communication Studies and Social Welfare at the University of Alabama. 
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