3 Things You Need to Know About Taylor-Made Skin

Taylor-Made Skin, owned by Taylor Falls, just launched her first holiday collection…and I’m already obsessed. If you don’t follow @taylormadeskin on Instagram, you need to ASAP. Not only does she post her products and deals, but she shares inspirational content and skincare tips to help you feel beautiful on the inside and out. Here’s a few things you need to know about Taylor Falls and her brand before shopping:

  1. 1. Taylor Falls, founder and of Taylor-Made Skin, is a UA sophomore and skincare enthusiast.

    Falls has always been obsessed with skincare and wants to eventually become an esthetician. In high school, she struggled with acne, which dramatically affected her self-confidence. “From the time I started high school until my senior year, I had really bad acne and could never look anyone in the face. When I was finally able to clear most of that up, I was like okay, I’m going to dedicate my life to creating skincare products and researching,” Falls said. 

    When quarantine began in March, Falls knew it was time to follow her dream of creating her own skincare company. As a black woman, she felt that there weren’t enough products in the market for her skin, and so Taylor-Made Skin was created. Falls released her first line of products in June, and since then, Taylor-Made Skin has taken off. 

    Since the beginning, Falls has been responsible for it all. On top of being a student, Falls performs all the product research and development, production, promotion, shipping, and runs the social media and website. Although this can be overwhelming at times, Falls remains driven to provide the best for her customers at an affordable price. 

    “Here at Taylor-Made skin, my brand goes beyond skin and self-care. One of my main priorities is to not only provide the best products but to give back to our community. You will NEVER hear my brand be silent on ANY issue that impacts our world in a drastic way. It is our purpose to not only provide but to educate,” Falls said on her website.  

  2. 2. All of her products are handmade, plant-based, and sustainable. 

    Taylor-Made offers whipped body butters, body scrubs and whipped soaps that you can buy in different scents depending on the season. You can buy one of each as a body bundle set, as well. She also sells face masks, toners and face oils. The Glow Scrub, a customer-favorite, helps to reduce hyperpigmentation using turmeric, rosehip seed oil, and manuka honey.    

    All Taylor-Made products are hand-made by Falls and are plant-based. Her brand is cruelty-free and sustainable. “I source my honey from a company in New Zealand, and they focus on creating a specific low stress environment for their bees. I try to use as little paper and plastic in my packaging as possible, and I only use glass jars and boxes made out recyclable cardboard,” Falls said. 

  3. 3. Her new holiday sets make wonderful gifts for friends, family, and yourself!

    On Black Friday, Taylor-Made Skin launched its first holiday collection. This collection features festive scents including Cocoa Butter Cashmere, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Silver Sparkle. You can buy these scents as body butter, moisturizing body scrub, and whipped soap. Falls also offers body bundles in these holiday scents. Her second holiday launch, releasing mid-December, will include a couple of new scents as well as holiday-themed bath bombs and candles. Falls said, “The holiday season is the biggest time of the year for all businesses and since this will be my first holiday season in business, I want to bring my A-game.”

Taylor-Made products make a great gift for anyone in your life who needs some self-care, including yourself! And let’s be real, we all deserve a little self-care after this year. On Cyber Monday, Taylor-Made Skin is offering free shipping on all orders. You can check out Taylor-Made Skin’s Instagram or visit her website to see all that she offers. Happy shopping and remember to shop small this holiday season!