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There are many foods around the world and some of the foods we eat daily might be influenced by our cultural background or other cultural backgrounds.  The foods I prefer today mainly come from the Asian part of the world. My mom would always make traditional Filipino food and we would go to different Asian restaurants while I was growing up, but I like to have diverse options and keep my options open with other parts of the world as well.

Youtiao – China

Youtiao is a simple donut that originates from China.  It is a deep fried dough and normally eaten during breakfast time.  They are usually in stick form but sometimes people like to reshape it or cut it up.  To find an easy recipe on how to make Youtiao click here.

Pretzel – Germany

It is known to be made out of dough and will be baked and then be shaped in a knot.  It is common for them to either be salty or doused in cinnamon depending on if you prefer them to be bitter or sweet.  You can get them at Auntie Anne’s usually located in malls.

Gelato – Italy

A frozen sweet dish originating from Italy.  Common flavors are chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry and lemon.  My favorite place to get gelato is at Gelatissimo located in Cebu, Philippines.  Here in the United States you can get different gelato flavors at Walmart or Target under the brand, talenti.

Chicken Tikka Masala- India

A dish that consists of curry sauce with chunks of chicken located inside.  Known spices contain garam masala, cumin, ground coriander, and turmeric.   You can get this dish at Himalayan Restaurant which is considered a Nepali and Indian restaurant located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sushi – Japan

Believe it or not, Sushi actually traces its roots back to China but made its way to Japan in the 8th century and is now known as the sushi capital of the world.  At the Student Union located at The University of Akron you can get Sushi for around 5-9 dollars depending on which sizes you get.

Bulgogi – Korea

Bulgogi is cut up pieces of beef usually shown with rice beneath.  A great place to dine in for bulgogi is Miega Korean BBQ located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Taco – Mexico

A Mexican dish that usually contains hard shells, cheese, ground meat, salsa and vegetables of your choice.  With me being a picky eater, I prefer my tacos to not include vegetables.  A restaurant to dine in for delicious tacos is El Camino Mexican Restaurant located in Aurora, Ohio.

Momos – Nepal

Momos is a dumpling filled with meat and sometimes vegetables as the main ingredients.  It originally comes from Nepal but the dish is also common in parts of Bhutan, India and Tibet.  To dine in for momos, you can visit Nepali Kitchen Restaurant located in Akron, Ohio.

Pandesal – Philippines

A sweetened bread roll.  When I was staying with my aunt in the Philippines, she would take me to the deli five minutes away that was called Our Deli Bread where they sold different types of bread but my favorite was pandesal.  We would get enough for everyone and have it everyday during the time I was staying with them.  For a simple recipe, click here.

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