The Roommate 5 Commandments

I. Thou Shall Not Go to Bed Angry

This is the first rule that I made when my best friend and I started living together. We both knew that eventually we would probably have some sort of disagreement or an argument about something because, well, we’re human and it happens. We both agreed that we weren’t allowed to go to bed angry with each other because it would carry over to the next day and let’s get real, nobody wants to be angry with their best friend. We both have the tendency to be very blunt, especially with one another, so when even something that irritates us, even slightly, we sit down and talk about it.  Sometimes, someone says something that you might not think is a big deal but someone else didn’t feel the same way. This helps reinforce the open communication that we want to keep.


II. Thou Shall Always be in the Other’s Corner

If there’s one thing that my best friend and I have learned over the years is how important it is to make sure that at the end of the day the other knows that we’re in their corner.  Life is tough for a college student or really anyone in their 20s. It’s important to know that we’re not alone.


III. Thou Has the Right to be Overprotective

So this is one that you might be like, “yup that’s me and my bestie.”  But we’re EXTREMELY overprotective over one another. We’ve seen each other completely heartbroken over a guy who broke our hearts more than once.  So, yes we’re overprotective over one another because we want nothing but the best for the other. Your roommate(s) should be your personal cheerleaders and your support system.

IV. Thou Must Share Their Closet

Alright so, this one is self explanatory but not only does being apart of a sorority instantly give you access to 70+ closets but, I advise you to live with someone who you want to borrow clothes from.  I’m serious, I started borrowing my roommates clothes long before we even started living together and now, I ask to borrow either clothes or jewelry almost daily. Lately it’s been earrings but come on, who wouldn’t want access to more clothes.  There’s no way you can sit there and tell me, “no I’ve never wanted to borrow clothing/ jewelry from my friends.” Plus, when your friend gets complimented you get full bragging rights because you know she looks good after all, you helped with the outfit.


V. Thou Shall Unconditionally Love Each Other

I’ve had my fair share of roommate horror stories but let me tell you, when you live with someone who you really get along with it’s amazing.  My roommate and I spend almost all day everyday together. The way we look at it is that we get to have a sleepover every. single. day. We leave each other cute notes on the bathroom mirror on the weekends sometimes if one of us has to go to work before the other just telling them to have a good day.  Other times on the fridge telling them that they appreciate them. Let me tell you, it’s a real confidence booster to know that through everything you know that your roomie is right there with you and loves you for who you are. My roomie and I say, “love you in case I die” every night before we go to bed, hang up the phone, leave for work or class.  People want to be loved and there’s so much hate in the world that it’s good to know someone loves you.