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Open Letter To The Student Struggling Through The Mid-Semester Blues

To the student struggling to get through the mid semester blues,

The first thing you should know is that you aren’t alone, I promise you. It probably feels like it because I’m right there with you. Life is tough especially when you’re in college. College seems to go in a wave of being really chill for a hot second and then out of nowhere it’s SUPER overwhelming. There are days where you feel like you’re almost drowning in a way, everything around you seems to just happen while you’re struggling to do simple things like get out of bed or leave the house. But promise me that you won’t keep to yourself, but rather that you’ll reach out and still communicate with your close friends.  

It doesn’t help that it’s also almost time for spring break so you’re probably caught between wanting to be on top of your studies, keeping up with your mental health, having a social life, getting enough sleep, and making sure you eat during the day.  Trust me I completely understand that it’s a lot to handle all at once.

We all know that college is a stressful time, but remember that it isn’t selfish to put yourself first.  Trust me on this, I struggle with wanting to put myself first and do my own thing to ensure that I accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself. But if there’s one thing I’m starting to learn it is that you don’t need to feel bad about wanting to do your own thing. It also helps to take time for yourself; it sounds simple, but reading 30 minutes before bed or even taking time to go to the gym can make a difference.

Another thing I want you to understand is that it’s completely okay to take a step back from the things you’re super involved in.  If you’re stressing over all these extracurricular activities, it’s okay to only do what you can manage. Now, I’m not saying completely drop them but if you’re sitting there freaking out because you need to study but have meetings on meetings for clubs, it’s totally okay to miss one here and there to study for that exam. School comes first and so does your sanity, so just do what you can.  

Finally, just remember that sometimes you’re going to have really great days, days that are just kinda there, and those that feel like the whole world is against you.  When you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world, enjoy every second of it and remember what that feels like for the days when you feel like the world is against you. I promise you everything will work out eventually—you just have to keep moving forward.  

Just a girl who loves everything Cleveland and striving to make one positive impact a day. 
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