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Making The Most Of A Working Spring Break

It’s that time of year again when college students from all over travel to some of the warmest places with the best party scenes to enjoy a week of freedom and relaxation from school. But what if you’re spending your spring break working? There are still ways to have fun and enjoy the time away from school!


Watch Netflix at night

You’ve finally gotten off from a long day at work. Finally you don’t have to spend the rest of your night doing homework and studying for exams. Relax a little with some Netflix. Every. Single. Night. Because why not?


Try a new restaurant

With all the hustle and bustle of the school year, there’s barely any time to try all the restaurants you want. Do it now! After work, instead of going back to your place and making a bowl of ramen, go downtown to that new place and enjoy the chance to do all the things you want.


Have a self-care night

Relaxing? During the school year? I’m sorry, those words sound very foreign when placed together. That’s right. There’s an entire week in the spring that you can do exactly this: relaxxxxxxx. Make a bath with a super great smelling bath bomb, dim the lights and light some candles, put on a face mask, pour a glass of wine, and lay back. Life is good. Especially with a glass of rose.


Visit the cool spots

There’s always some cool spots to check out that you haven’t gotten to try yet. Maybe there’s a cute little park near you, a new coffee bar, or a library with the coolest architecture. Go check these spots out! We all know you don’t have time to do so during the school year, so take the chance now.


Spring clean

Your room is a mess. We get it. Sometimes it’s way too hard to keep up with the cleanliness of your room, get good grades, sleep, AND have a social life. That’s okay. But now you can get all that taken care of! Go through your closet and get rid of the old clothes that are ruined, you don’t like, or don’t fit anymore. Making room for new, spring and summer clothes always puts a smile on our faces! Vacuum, wash the windows, let the sunlight in, and breathe in the clean, fresh air. Then sit down on the couch, look around, and appreciate how accomplished you’ve been.


Have dinner with family

If you don’t have time for exploring, cleaning, or relaxing during the semester, you definitely don’t have time to see your family, and that’s okay! But now that you have some free time, get together with them for dinner! You might find that you missed them more than you thought.


Make a list of needs and wants

Instead of blowing tons of money the whole week like most kids, you saved. And not only that, you earned! Take advantage of that. Make a list of all of the things you need, whether that be more hangers for your closet, more storage for your bathroom, or even just some pencils since you always manage to lose them. Then, make a list of everything you want. That’s right, that new purse, some cute shoes, a picture for your wall, EVERYTHING. From there, decide how much each item would be. If you can purchase everything on your “Need” list, treat yourself to one or two things from your “Want” list. You’ve earned it!

Hi! :) I am a student at the University of Akron, Akron, OH, but originally from Sharpsville, PA. I am double majoring with English and Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Education with Integrated Language Arts. I love sparkly things, my sisters, traveling, and having fun!
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