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I Made a Rupi Kaur Poem Using Only John Mulaney Quotes

What follows is feminist commentary on the social backsliding driven by men’s work:





“a hero

is any


who does his job”

“so we invite a


-“no one wants to applaud the penis


The finished product:

Madeline Myers is a 2020 graduate of the University of Akron. She has a B.A. English with a minor in Creative Writing. At Her Campus, Madeline enjoys writing movie and TV reviews. Her personal essay “Living Room Saloon” is published in the 2019 issue of The Ashbelt. Madeline grew up in Zanesville, Ohio. She loves quoting comedians, reading James Baldwin, and sipping on grape soda. She fears a future run by robots but looks forward to the day when her stories are read by those outside of her immediate family.