College Life As Told By "The Office"

The Office has been a source of laughter and comfort through so many trying years of college students' lives, but we never thought that we would relate to it so much as we do now…


When you’re trying to meet the word count for an assignment


When you’re so busy even speaking takes too much of your time


Color Coding your notes


When someone’s opinion is invalid


Your typical day


When your professor lectures the whole class period


Casual Dining



Going to your professor’s office hours



That one person that does nothing in a group project



When a professor pretends not to hear your question



That one kid that always asks questions the professor literally just answered



When a professor expects you to read and study over break



After acing a test



That one paranoid kid in the dorm



When you didn’t study for a test



Your 90 year old professor



Napping instead of doing homework



Your first thought on the first day of class



Trying to avoid work



When your professor assigns a paper, test, and group project all in one week


During Finals week


If there's one piece of advice to take away from this, it's that Michael Scott is all of us