7 Ways To Show Thankfulness

Thanksgiving: a time for family, friends, food, and giving thanks. Want a unique way for your guests to say what they’re thankful for this year? Try out one of these ideas!


1. Thankful Bread

This fun part of dinner is super easy to make! Leave small pieces of paper out for your guests on which to write what they’re thankful for. Then, once you’re getting dinner ready, fold the piece of paper in half and place one in the middle of each dough roll. The bake as usual, and each guest can open up their dinner rolls to something a guest is thankful for!


2. Leaf Wall

This cute and easy craft is even a decoration! Tape some brown paper cut into the shape of a tree trunk and branches to a wall or door. Then leave some leaf-shaped paper with markers and pens for guests to write on and tape up to the tree!


3. Turkey Feathers

A super cute decoration is a turkey to be the centerpiece of the table! Wrap two styrofoam balls in brown yarn and connect them with a toothpick. Then cut feathers out of paper and glue or tape toothpicks to the backs. Your guests can write on the feathers and then stick them into the back of the turkey to grow its feathers.


4. Garland Decorations

A simple way to display thanks is to have guests write on paper leaves, then use clothespins to hang the leaves from string hanging somewhere in the room.


5. Wagon Wheel

Want a rustic decoration for your holiday? You can buy a wagon wheel at plenty of home decoration stores! Then get clothespins for your guests to use with their pieces of paper listing what they’re thankful for!


6. Painted Pumpkins

This super cute decoration is surprisingly easy! Just paint a pumpkin whatever color you choose, and leave it, dried, next to some Sharpie markers for your guests to write on. Another option if you are expecting guests to have a large amount of free time would be to get enough small pumpkins for each guest on their own to paint with their things they are thankful for. Putting all the thankful pumpkins together makes for a cute decoration and perfect holiday picture!


7. Decorated Jar

Like a more traditional style decoration? You can buy a glass jar to tie a ribbon around and paint on. Then just leave it out with some pens and paper and watch your jar fill with thankful thoughts!