You Can Eat Cheap in Decatur, Trust Me

If you’ve ever taken a evening stroll into the Decatur square on a Friday night, you’ve probably seen the crowds of well dressed foodies stuffed into the various restaurants. With all of Atlanta flocking to Decatur to try the latest culinary delight, the college students of Agnes Scott can feel left out. While tasting menus and 15 year old aged Cabernet Sauvignon sounds good in theory, our wallet would probably spontaneously combust. Who can afford to spend money at those lavish restaurants?


Although it may seem impossible, I have found five great restaurants within walking distance of Agnes Scott that offer delicious meals for under $10!


Chai Pani $7.99 BHEL PURI


Chai Pani is a classic. The Indian street food fusion is a great way to get a spicy fix without traveling all the way to Patel’s Plaza. While the atmosphere is an experience itself, the Bhel Puri is a delight on it’s own. Enjoy this delicious masterpiece for just under eight bucks.



Victory $3.5 Ramen


Victory is a crowd favorite. Where else can you go at 12:01AM when nothing is open on campus? This place is known for its cheap small sandwiches and groovy atmosphere. But did you know they sell ramen? For under $4, you can enjoy this yummy treat without feeling broke. Pro tip: Take a picture near their windows at night. It offers a wonderful instagram scene.


Raging Burrito $6.5 Raging Burrito free chips and dip MWF

Did you say FREE! That’s right, Raging Burrito offer free specials at lunch Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. While you’re munching on your chips, go ahead and order a HUGE classic burrito. This monster of a meal will only set you back around $7.50 with tax, and the place gives you enough for two meals. Cha-ching!


Fellini's $3.7- Slice of Veggie Pizza

Nothing brings people together like pizza. Vegetarian, gluten free, vegan: you name it, pizza can do it. Fellini’s can also offer you a beautiful, bigger than your head slice of deliciousness for under $4. Fellini’s is a staple of not just Decatur, but all of Atlanta. Get yourself a slice of goodness!

Photo by Bobby Rodriguezz on Unsplash


Farm Burger $6.75 Regular Burger

For our meat eaters out there, it can be hard to find a restaurant that offers a juicy and delicious meal for under $10. But you are in luck! Farm Burger, a close neighbor to Chai Pani, offers up a farm raised beef burger for only $6.75! For the quality of ingredients, this is definitely one of the bigger steals in Decatur!