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Why The Great British Bake Off Is the Perfect Show to Combat End of Semester Stress

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

Over Thanksgiving break, my family was looking for something to watch together, and we landed on The Great British Bake Off. The show takes twelve bakers from across Great Britain and has them compete for the title of best amateur baker. It turned out to be a great stress reliever, perfect for finals season. Here’s five reasons to start watching!

The food!

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Seriously, who doesn’t like food? And wow, does this show have some amazing looking dishes. From exquisite pastries to handmade bread, it’s a feast for your eyes.

Everyone’s so supportive!

Unlike American reality TV shows where everyone is cutthroat and super competitive, the atmosphere on The Great British Bake Off is so supportive. The contestants are actually kind to each other, and sometimes they’ll help each out when it gets down to a deadline crunch. 

Baking puns

I’m surprisingly into The Great British Bake Off’s cheesy food puns. And it turns out that baking is rife with potential puns and innuendos, and the presenters never miss a chance to use one. 

You get really invested

Who knew I’d be so into how a cake turns out? I’ll gasp, exclaim, and generally be riveted to the screen. 

And the first four seasons are on Netflix!


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