Stressed? Look at these Cute Cats!

It’s officially February, and you know what that means! The semester’s in full swing and work is starting to pile up. If the pressure’s getting to you and you’re feeling a little stressed this week, take a look at these adorable cats. Cat pictures are sure to relieve your stress, even if it’s just for a minute or two. Enjoy these cute cats courtesy of myself and my friends!



Marshmallow is the fluffiest of boys, seen here enjoying a nice nap on the couch. He’s lived a long, fulfilling life and now spends his days sleeping away his retirement.



Photo via Alyson Grady

Riley is very curious of the camera taking his picture. He would like you to appreciate his glowing yellow eyes, glorious whiskers, and furry self.



Riley’s son Steve is his most excitable kid. Here we see Steve playing after enjoying some catnip.




Vesuvius had a volcanic energy when he was younger, but luckily he has mellowed with age. This old couch is one of his favorite spots to nap.



Link takes pride in his voluptuous fluff and puts it on full display for the world to see. He’s soft enough to use as a pillow if he likes you enough!



This is one of the many pictures I have of Ikki sleeping in my bed. Last time I went home, she slept in my bed every night for the first week I was back. Love this cute kitty!



Ikki’s sister Jinora loves hammocks! She’ll jump up and join you in your Eno if you let her! She likes to watch the birds.



Photo via Phoebe Campbell


Little Lucy is sticking her tongue out at you! She’s a sweet girl who loves when people pet her.


Photo via Cecelia Richmond


Sophie really is a loaf of bread! She may not be gluten free like the loaf on the left, but Sophie is definitely cuter.



Photo via Wendy Simmons


Bridgette has arguably the prettiest green eyes in the world. She has super soft fur as well! She’s the whole package.



Photo via Wendy Simmons


Nightcap is the sweetest and calmest of kitty cats. What a good cat!



Photo via Wendy Simmons

I tried my hardest to convince my sister to name this cat Mustachio (just look at his light orange mustache!), but Needle fits this sharp-clawed kitten just as well.



Photo via Wendy Simmons


Gandalf the Grey may be small, but she’s mighty. And she’s having kittens! Wish this soon-to-be momma cat good luck on her adventures!


I hope these little insights into the lives of some great cats have helped alleviate your stress! Cats are the best medicine. And good luck with the semester! These cats are always here if you need to see them again.


Bonus: Ikki and Jinora as kittens!


I’ll never get over how cute these furbabies were when they were little… So tiny and cute!