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Winter in Georgia seems to have lasted much longer than usual. March 20th was the official first day of Spring, yet the temperature was in the low 40’s. But worry not, the tell tale sign of the approaching Spring season is in bloom. The white, bell shaped snowdrop flower is thought to be the first sign of Spring. When seen, in certain regions, they pop out of the ground and emerge through the snow very early in the transition from Winter to Spring, hence the name.



(Photo taken by Kaytria Land)

                  (Photo taken by Kaytria Land)

(Photo taken by Kaytria Land)


While snowdrops are a symbol of Spring, they also have other meanings. Many will look at the color and immediately think of cleanliness and purity as all snowdrops are the same snow white color. However their meaning reaches far beyond just their color. Because the flower blooms from the cold snow, which is known to kill many species of flower or prevent them from growing, snowdrops are very similar to the mythological phoenix which rises from the ashes. When seeing a snowdrop, you have a reason to smile because they symbolize hope and rebirth. They are also fabled to give you good luck if you see and/or possess one.


The end of the school semester is fast approaching which means finals, projects, and graduations. This may be the most stressful time of the year for most college students. Take some time to take a walk and smell the roses, or, for a little luck, stop and admire the snowdrops.

Kaytria Land

Agnes Scott '22

Kaytria Land is a Macon born Georgia native and first year student at Agnes Scott College. She is currently studying music and Anthropology in hopes of travelling the world and absorbing as much musical culture as she can during her life time. She has never been much of a writer but she found this opportunity and is excited to share her thoughts and ideas with the world.
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