Spring Break without Breaking the Bank

The first two months of 2018 have been the longest in recent history. Classes, internships, and everything that piles up during the Spring Semester will soon be a distant memory. Why is that you ask? Because of two wonderful words that can make even the most work hardened Scottie smile: Spring Break. With our two weeks of Spring Break *cough cough*, one week of Spring Break, I set out to find ways for Scotties to enjoy a break from the chaos of school without breaking the bank. Because let’s be real, we may want to ball on the beach, but none of us are ballers.

A Trip To the Beach

Every year I see pictures on Instagram of all my school friends in Miami or Orange Beach. The warm gulf coast beaches are a perfect destination for a week away from Atlanta. However, before you go and tear up the town, follow these steps to save major bucks.


  1. Split an Airbnb house with friends in walking distance to the beach. This serves two purposes. Firstly, splitting an Airbnb within walking distance of the beach will be extremely cost efficient. Beachfront property typically is more expensive near the beach. Especially on the Gulf Coast (Alabama & Florida), the are plenty of vacation spots that are a 5 min walk from the beach. Secondly, you should find a house or condo with a kitchen. A great deal of vacation expense goes towards eating out. After a day at the beach and a couple of margaritas, it can be extremely easy to drop $30+ on a dinner with friends. If you have a kitchen and stop by a local Walmart on the way, you will save a great deal of money cooking your own food. Spend around $60+ on groceries (less than $10), and you will guilt yourself into eating homemade. Otherwise the food will go to waste!

  2. Plan Ahead and buy before you go. A trip to the beach requires a lot of equipment. Sun towels, drinks, coolers, sunscreen, hats, flip flops, etc. In the local shops near the beach, the upcharge for beach necessities are RIDICULOUS! You will definitely save money if you bring supplies from home or buy supplies in Atlanta before you leave.  

A Trip To DC

  1. Use Public Transportation when you go anywhere in the city. Although it requires a lot of walking, using the metro will save you $20+ everytime you travel somewhere. There are interactive apps you can download ahead of your trip to plan out routes to the National Mall and any museums. Don’t be afraid, if you travel in pairs there is nothing to worry about. People from all walks of life use the DC metro every single day.

  2. Go to the Museums, they are free. Washington, DC is one of the most expensive cities in America. To save cash on amusements, visit any of the dozens of national museums around the National Mall. Be sure to travel light, most museums will not allow any large bags for security purposes.

Stay-cation In Atlanta

  1. Check out Atlanta on the Cheap.This website has all the weekend deals in the city of Atlanta. From the High Museum to mac and cheese cooking competitions, the site has it all. You can narrow down the event searches to include free things in the area.

  2. Hike Stone Mountain. This one mile hike up the mountain offers a free way to experience the natural wonders near the city of Atlanta. If you bring a picnic, you will also save on any lunch costs.

  3. See the sites. Krog Street Tunnel, Jackson Street Bridge, and the Beltline are all some of the most photographed locations in all of Atlanta. You never know, you may see someone get engaged or someone famous. All three locations are accessible by both MARTA or Uber.