Podcasts Are the New Apple Music: Cool Podcasts to Listen to on the Way to Class

Lately, I’ve found myself turning to my podcast app as I get ready in the morning instead of my ‘Feel Good’ playlist of Kpop and Goldlink. As time goes on, my ‘Subscribed To’ list of podcasts grows higher and higher, so today I want to share my top ten favorite podcasts of all time.



  1. Dirty John: This is a seven episode docu-podcast that goes through the life of “Dirty John”, an East Coast man who fell in love with a woman, and her kids hate him.

  2. The Read: This is an ongoing podcast, released every Thursday, of two New York transplants who review the current pop culture. The last section of the podcast is them “reading” a person, place, or thing.

  3. Homecoming: This is a scripted series about ARMY veterans chosen to live in a facility that is built to aid them in their PTSD. Without any spoilers, this podcast is a thriller genre.

  4. S-Town: This is a docu-podcast where a New York journalist follows a Southern man who wants to get down to the bottom of a murder in his town.

  5. The Nod: This is a podcast that is centered around the Black experience. Every week, two hosts narrate a story that was not likely heard about from a moment in Black history.

  6. Heavyweight: The host of this podcast interviews one person per episode and helps them mend relationships and solve mysteries in their lives. If you were to scroll through the episodes of the podcast on your phone, each podcast is titled with just a first name.

  7. Serial: This podcast is two, going on three, seasons of one journalist following one person for an entire season to try and solve a mystery that has yet to be solved. You will likely find yourself switching positions on innocent or guilty multiple times while you listen to each episode.

  8. Live Awake: This podcast is all about guided meditation. Press play to relax and listen to about 12 minutes of someone encouraging you to give credit to yourself and your experiences.

  9. Insecuritea: This podcast is a weekly review of the HBO series “Insecure” by Issa Rae. Although I have yet to watch one episode of the show, I keep up with this podcast. It easily wraps up the episode while incorporating recordings of certain scenes that they want to highlight.

  10. The Friend Zone: This podcast has a deceiving name. Three hosts from New York host the podcast. Each host leads their own segment: mental health, music, and entertainment. You can be recommended the best relaxing oils, the hottest music, and the most intense reality tv show scenes all in one podcast.

These are the best of the best, in my opinion. Subscribe to them now, on your podcast app or Spotify, to get notifications on if they post a new episode. Downloading them also allows you to have access to them offline or on airplane mode; Listening to someone speak to me nonstop distracts me from turbulence!