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Love Sucks: Happy Valentine’s Day from a Woman Scorned

It was just before Christmas when I saw it, tucked in a corner near the party supplies deep in the heart of my local Walmart. Its cold, dead, beady eyes stared back at me, mocking me with its giant “I <3 you” red heart. I was first disgusted that the V-Day supplies were out in December, and secondly disgusted by the number of anatomically inaccurate hearts offending my eyes. I took one look at the oversized Valentine’s Day teddy bear and, in anger, flipped it upside down. I nearly jumped out of my skin when a computerized voice came squealing from the stuffed animal, “I love you BEARY much.” Teddy Bear one, Margaret zero.

Image via Will O/Unsplash

Now it comes as no surprise to those who know me know that I HATE Valentine’s Day. But this season of “love” has been especially difficult. When I was in a relationship, I told my partner that I hated the idea of thousands of couples spending one obligatory day expressing fake sentiments of love. Let’s be real here. If you and your partner really want to show each other love, make every day Valentine’s Day. September 18th should be just as special as February 14th. My partner respected my opinions on Valentine’s Day. Instead, my partner would surprise me out of the blue late on a weekday with roses and chocolate. But now I am alone, single as a pringle, rolling solo. I must admit: It sucks to be alone on Valentine’s Day.

When a relationship is over, it takes time to recover. Everything reminds you of your ex. A certain smell, a line from a TV show, a song that you both loved to hate; all of it brings you back to another time. Big holidays, like Valentine’s Day, can bring about pangs of heartbreaks of relationships past. For me, this Valentine’s Day reminds me of all the times, good and bad, that I shared with my partner. Although it can be difficult, especially with the temptation of a night alone with a giant box of chocolates, we will make it through. Although we may not have a partner with us this February 14th, we have friends, pets, and a couple seasons of ‘This Is Us’. So for all my heartbroken, man-hating comrades out there, I say this: St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner.

Margaret is a sophomore who is always ready to learn about the wonders of the world. Having lived in five states across the South, Margaret fearlessly takes on challenges-- from different places to unfamiliar disciplines. With an intended major in Political Science, Margaret is eager to engage in conversations with people from all backgrounds. In her spare time, you can find Margaret sipping on a mocha latte.
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