I Voted from Another Continent, What’s Your Excuse?


If you couldn’t deduct already from the title of this article, I am not currently in the United States. In fact, I am not currently in the continent of North America. Right now, I am sitting in a coffee shop in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland to be exact. Why is this relevant?


Well, even though I am exactly 3,914 miles away from Atlanta, I was still able to cast my vote for the November 6th Midterm elections.


While neither the in-person or absentee ballot voting processing is strictly intuitive (*cough cough, voter suppression*), getting out to vote is not exactly rocket science. If you can fit in your fourth visit to Chick-fil-a this week, then you can fit in some time to go vote. If you are registered to vote using Agnes as your residence, great! The Georgia Secretary of State’s office is the one stop shop for all things voting! Early voting started on October 15th and will run until November 2nd. Early voting locations for Dekalb County can be found on the AJC website.


Don’t worry if you can’t go because of class, there is a mandatory Saturday voting session on October 27th.That’s this Saturday!


Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

If you are registered in a different state, like me, you can still vote using an absentee ballot. Typically absentee ballots may be requested up until a few days before the election. So even if you live in Alaska, you can still receive and send your ballot in on time.  If you are not sure how to request an absentee ballot, check your state’s Secretary of State page for more information.