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How to Have an Anti-Valentine’s Day

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Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day where many singles like myself get the amazing opportunity to doom scroll through all of the smiling and seemingly happy couples while eating tear-filled ice cream (note the sarcasm).

The one time I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my now-ex-boyfriend, I got the same glass rose my mother got me. Did he know that? No. Did I appreciate the effort? Sure, but Valentine’s Day adds nothing to a relationship other than unrealistic expectations of forced love and spending money I don’t have. 

As someone who spends so much time prioritizing other people and daily responsibilities, I will take this day to splurge on myself—an ANTI-Valentine’s Day, if you will. Valentine’s Day is over-commercialized and business-oriented, but then again, so is every other holiday. When my wallet is starving but I want to pamper myself, I buy small or find as many things that I can that are FREE-99. 

Here are five things that I plan to do this Anti-Valentine’s Day, and maybe you can do them as well.


I follow a few accounts on Instagram that give me inspiration for scrapbooking. The part I like most about scrapbooking is collecting quotes and adding an aesthetic to that specific quote page. I have a few highlighters, pens, and markers—nothing too fancy. My go-to aesthetic is minimalist with pops of color, patterns, and doodles. It takes time to get out of my head because I am a perfectionist and like to plan ahead of time. However, I make it a point to just jump right in with scrapbooking and let the creative energy flow.

Journal and stationery inspiration





Kawaii Stickers



Mini Spa day

For my spa day, I start off with a long, hot shower. I use peppermint soap to make sure I get fresh and clean. Once my skin is softened, I begin my shaving process: exfoliate with a loofah and a homemade sugar scrub then shave. The next step is to, of course, moisturize with the best things out there (for my skin): SHEA BUTTER! Once I put on fresh undies and clean clothes, it’s time to get in bed.

If I need to wash my hair, depending on how gunky it is, I would start with a deep conditioner that is packed with proteins to strengthen my hair. I’d wash the conditioner out with peppermint shampoo because it helps with my dandruff (If you haven’t noticed, I love peppermint). Then, I would use a leave-in conditioner and put my hair in a protective style that I can sleep in and easily wrap.

Peppermint Soap

Loofahs on Etsy

Body Scrub Recipes

Tips and tricks for safe and effective shaving

Shea Butter and other moisturizers

Wash Days for Black hair

Protective Styles for Black hair

Netflix and Chill (by myself, of course)

I just bought a new friend who I am thinking of naming Rain because, based on the reviews, she’ll make me wet. XD 

Cook myself a nice meal

I’m in college. I am not cooking for myself. I’ll probably eat the rest of my tear-stained ice cream or heat up some DoorDash that I already ordered because my stomach overruled my wallet. Some go-to snacks that I will never get tired of are a good ol’ Honeycrisp apple, celery with peanut butter, mild cheddar cheese, and Club crackers.

Call someone (that I’m not attracted to)

When I finally wake up from a food coma, I will call my friends to see what they’re up to and invite them over to my dorm to actually watch a movie. Calling up an ex is not the healthiest thing to do, especially for those of us who aren’t on the best of terms with our exes. I wouldn’t judge you if you were to call your crush though. They might be able to put you in another kind of coma. ;)

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