How to Keep a Head on Straight as School Begins

As you’re laying on your bed right now after an exhausting day of unpacking into your new dorm, don’t forget to prepare for the unknown struggles as school begins. Here are five apps that you should download right now to get ahead a stressful semester.

  1. Calm: The Calm app is a meditation and sleep stories app that has hundreds of relaxing meditation sessions. You can choose how much time to meditate as well as the nature sound you want in the background. You can also choose how guided you want the meditation to be; the more guided the meditation is, the more the instructor is speaking through the session. Some sessions will prompt you to pay a monthly/yearly fee, but a lot of sessions are free. (image from Google Play store)

  2. Talk Space: Talk Space is a therapy app where you can find a licensed therapist that does not always function in the confines on an office space. You can talk to them through, text, phone, and if you’re close enough you can talk to them in their own office. This app is free to download, but hiring a therapist costs money. However, they take some insurance.

  3. Dream Journal Ultimate: This app is one that may not be suitable for everyone. The Dream Journal Ultimate app is just how it sounds. You can record your dreams and you have the chance to look back at them. I downloaded this app after I realized that the dreams I typed out in my notes from many years ago were no longer in my phone, so I wanted a space that I know they would stay no matter what. Dreams often play out subconscious worries or issues that you may not have confronted. Being able to look back on those dreams, and possibly see a pattern, can be helpful for tackling stressful situations in your real life. This app is completely free!

  4. Two Dots: Two Dots is a gaming app where you basically match up two or more dots of the same color. It’s that easy. This app was helpful for me whenever I wanted to destress and zone out for a few minutes. You can play it offline, and it’s free!

  5. Future Me: Future Me is an app where you can email yourself in the future! Very self explanatory. The only rule is you cannot email yourself less than thirty days in the future. I have received emails this year of me from high school, telling myself several paragraphs of what specific class I’m in and how I’m feeling. I have also received emails from myself with two simple sentences of encouragement. This can be helpful for a stressful semester, because it’s always a nice surprise, and even positive words from yourself feels nice. This app also comes with a website. The website version is free, but the app is 99 cents.

Have a successful and stress-free semester! You can do this!