Food Pics That Give Me the Feels

Ever since I first received a smartphone my freshman year of high school, I’ve been documenting my life through pictures. Thousands and thousands of images clog my hard drives from years and years of photographing moments, and I treasure each and every one of the memories they represent. Although this may sound basic in every sense of the word, I mostly enjoy looking back at my cliche pictures of food. I always get a warm sensation when I think back to the moments when I was enjoying a good meal with good people. This semester, even though I have been trying (and failing) to save money by limiting my expenses eating out, I documented the times when I splurged on great meals. Here are a few of my favorite moments and meals from places around Atlanta.

This photo was taken at Double Zero, a small plate Italian restaurant located in the  Emory Village. This picture brings back memories because it was the dessert I had on my first date with my boyfriend. He knew that I loved chocolate, and ordered this delightful gem without telling me. At the time I was not aware that he hated chocolate (crazy right?) but he wanted me to enjoy the full experience of the meal. I thought it was really sweet, and the chocolate was nice too. Although I was thoroughly judged for taking the basic Insta photo, I do not regret snapping this beauty.

When I look back on this photo, it makes me feel warm knowing I have such good friends. I was having a particularly tough week, so I asked my friends if they wanted to go out to Buford Highway for some real food. My Bengali friend took us to one of her favorite restaurants, and we were able to eat, laugh, and forget about all the troubles of school. I highly recommend the dried curry beef. It’s to die for but come hungry. (Al-Amin Supermarket and Bistro)


This had to be one of my favorite meals this semester. When my boyfriend asked where I wanted to go on a date I said, “Surprise me!” After cruising the streets of Buckhead, we ended up at 10 Degrees South, a formal dining South African restaurant. I mostly remember how fancy everyone looked in the restaurant and I how my boyfriend kept trying to make me laugh so that I would blow out the fancy tea candle on the table. (Our poor waitress re-lit the thing four times.) The meal itself was quite interesting; the flavors were different from anything I had ever tasted before. I enjoyed this experience so much because it mixed two things I love the most: good food and even better company.


If anything, I encourage you to go on your own photography adventures. Take pictures of food, trees, friends, and cute dogs! You’ll thank yourself later when you can reflect on all the great times you have had.