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Agnes Scott’s Paranormal Side

Every old school has its own lore, and naturally, Agnes Scott has a few ghost stories. Agnes Scott’s paranormal side is even mentioned on the official college website. From the Winship ghost, who is supposedly a former student who hung themself on the third floor, to the two Scotties, first-years Colette Page, and Madeline Tucker, they set out to learn more about Agnes Scott’s spirits.

Her Campus: What prompted your exploration into paranormal activity on Agnes Scott’s campus?

Colette Page: We heard that someone got possessed by a spirit commonly called the Dana Ghost. We found out about an art professor on Campus who had died, the cause of death was a mystery. We heard she died when a kelm exploded, we also heard her hair had gotten caught in a pottery wheel, snapping her neck and killing her.

Madeline Tucker: There was a rumor that someone on campus had been possessed, and heard about a former art professor had died. Both of the causes of death we heard in rumors were not very plausible.


HC: How did you begin your research?

CP: I checked out two books, one from McCain titled: Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses by Elizabeth Tucker and one I got on inter-library loan.

MT: We went to the library archives.


HC: What ghost stories did you find about Agnes Scott?

CP: We heard about the Blue Lady who haunts Presser Hall. The story was very vague and I don't think there was anything there. There are multiple sources, but the stories are different. The least plausible of all the stories we found was she failed to ring the bell to warm of the Union Army's arrival. A lot of the stories are [complete] bogus. With just a little research in the archives, you can find maps of campus and debunk a lot of legends.

MT: There used to be an old church on campus that burned down; supposedly, the people who died in it haunt the church garden. After looking at maps of campus we found that the old church wasn’t located where the new chapel is.


HC: Did you believe any of the stories you found after your research?

CP: Well, we didn't really believe without doubts. We wanted to find more about the art teacher. We thought it was the most plausible. I found a news clipping from the Agnes Scott newsletter [that] she was an art professor here, [taught] pottery, died while teaching here.

MT: We wanted to find more about her in general but all that the paragraph in the newspaper said was that “Susan Dale Robinson died, we’re going to miss her.”

CP: Susan worked at Agnes Scott from 1966 to 1968. In 1968 she got married and took the name Susan Robinson Walker, the year she died.


HC: And in what part of campus do you believe that a part of Susan remains?

MT: There is an art room in the basement of Dana, when you enter at the front you go down a ramp and there is a courtyard right there.


HC: Did you attempt to make contact with her spirit?

MT: Yes, and we did.

CP: The person who claimed to be possessed turned out to be lying but we definitely felt some sort of presence. She was there.


HC: Why do you believe that Susan haunts Agnes Scott?

MT: I don’t think it’s a “haunt;” she feels safe here. We found that from 1966 to 1967 she was just a temporary professor and the following year she was listed as permanent. She just fell in love with the place and wanted to stay here.


HC: What advice do you have for others seeking out spirits?

CP: Be respectful, they are not here for your enjoyment. We don’t know if or why some people stick around after death.

MT: It’s not a fun little seance for you to have. These were real people.


If you see a ghost on campus or have a paranormal experience email alumnae@agnesscott.edu and let them know!

Lila Holland

Agnes Scott '22

Lila Holland was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. Passions and hobbies include fashion, speech and debate, mock trial, crafting, creative writing, advocating for eating disorder and anxiety awareness and treatment, and her bearded dragon Mushu and pit mix Rocky. After graduating the International Baccalaureate program at Irmo High School in 2018 she left to Attend Agnes Scott College. She is currently a Junior Majoring in Political Science, minoring in philosophy. She hopes to bring a serious, relevant, and informative aspect to Her Campus.
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