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5 Things You Can Do To De-Stress At The End Of The Semester

With the spring semester coming to a close, it’s easy to feel trapped between fast-approaching deadlines and the general unease the end of a school year can bring. It’s even easier to throw yourself into work and forget how important self-care can be, especially if you’re a procrastinator like me who given themselves just enough time to finish their workload. Even so, you should always have your best interest in mind and check in with your mental health. Here are a few quick things you can do to keep yourself going through the last few weeks of the semester!

Give yourself a change of space

Sometimes, you can’t really afford to take a break from whatever you’re working on. A constant procrastinator myself, I’ve found in situations where I can’t fully get away from an assignment. In cases like this, getting up and moving your workplace can help a great deal! Stuff your laptop, notes, and pens into your backpack and get out. If the weather’s nice, lay a blanket down in the grass and write your essay there. It’s raining? Try some local coffee shops! Don’t want to spend money? Move through places on campus–– work in your room for a bit, move to the library, student center, or other common spaces that will give you a little change of scenery!

Take quick breaks

Maybe you work best in the same environment, whether that be your room, the library, or your favorite coffee shop. If you don’t have as much control over where you’re working or you just don’t want to move, short breaks are always a good way to keep your energy going. 10-15 minute breaks in between your work can help clear your mind. A few minutes every hour or so won’t make a huge dent in your work time.

Listen to some chill tunes

If you’re the kind of person who’s able to work with background noise, put some music while you’re finishing up those projects! Spotify has tons of playlists with a variety of moods and genres that’s sure to capture whatever vibe it is you need to keep you going. Want that cafe feel but don’t want to leave your room? Got that covered. Need more of a lo-fi feel? They’ve got multiple playlists so you have options! Maybe you just need some 80’s tunes to get you through the day. Totally valid, you’ve got a good number of options for whatever it is you need to blast through your speakers.


Okay, so you’ve probably done a fair bit of writing at this point, but sometimes this isn’t going to be academic writing, so it counts for something! With all the stress that’s floating around you, it can be a good idea to write out any frustration or anxiety you might be feeling. 

Take a power nap

Listen, even with all the deadlines looming over you, there’s always time to take a 20-minute power nap. It counts as a break, it’s less than half an hour so it’s short enough to not make you feel too guilty, and you’ll feel better rested after! Short naps are great for clearing your head and giving you a breather.

Sam Barrera

Agnes Scott '21

Sam Barrera grew up just outside of Chicago, IL. in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood. She currently attends Agnes Scott College and is majoring in Creative Writing as well as minoring in Spanish. In her free time, Sam loves to journal, find new music, and explore the ATL area.
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