5 Events You Should Attend This Year at Agnes Scott

Every semester it seems like there’s an endless amount of posters, emails, and table flyers advertising events happening on campus, so many that it might be overwhelming or too easy to forget about. To make it simple, here’s a short list of five must-attend events held on campus:   

Studio Dance Theatre’s Dance Works and Spring Forward  

The Studio Dance Theatre at Agnes Scott is small, but mighty, and they put on breathtaking performances. Both their Dance Works show in November and their Spring Forward show in April feature students from different backgrounds, but who all share the love of dance. Some of the the pieces in the shows are even choreographed by students. Next time you see a member of the Studio Dance Theatre running around campus in a crazy tutu, consider going to their show. Dance is not an art form often talked about, but after sitting in a darkened auditorium for an hour, watching the dancers on stage, it’s all you’ll want to talk about for days.

Spring Student Art Show and showing|thinking Exhibition

Technically both of these happen during the spring semester, at the end of April through the beginning, of May but I find it worth planning to go to the back-to-back art shows in the Dalton Gallery. Unlike the main fall exhibition and the recent acquisitions show, the spring student show and showing|thinking are exhibitions that are designed over the course of the semester but executed in only a few days by students in the Department of Art and Art History. The behind-the-scenes work may not be visible in the final show, but it’s still important to show up and support our own student artists, visiting artists, and the people who make it all happen.

Bradley Observatory Open House Series

For those of you who love science, the open houses at Agnes’ observatory are for you. Once a month, the Bradley Observatory holds public lectures that cover a variety of topics in all things relating to physics and astronomy. Even if you aren’t so much a STEM buff, every semester the observatory holds special concerts on the equinoxes. The concerts combine the talents of accomplished musicians and vocal artists with the uniquely intimate atmosphere of the observatory’s planetarium. After the concert there’s a chance to see the fun planetarium show, and on clear nights, look out into space with Agnes’ really big and really cool telescope.

Blackfriars’ Halloween Spooktacular

This event is far from a normal theater production on campus. Held on the night of Halloween and right after the fall theater show, Spooktacular is a product of passion from the members of ASC Blackfriars, the students lead theater troupe. Since students are behind everything, from directing, to producing, to costuming, without the constraints of being supervised by a faculty member, it’s casual, theatrical entertainment solely for the purpose of having a little Halloween themed fun. It’s also enjoyable for cast members to see the audience dressed up in costumes for once.

​Luchsingers’ Spring and Fall Concerts

The Agnes Scott Collegiate Chorale is amazing, don’t get me wrong, and everyone should go to their concert too, but I think Luchsingers’ deserve a little extra love. Like most of the other events mentioned in this list, Luchsinger’s is a student run group on campus who spend hours a week perfecting the art of singing acapella. Songs are selected and arranged by the students, and cover a wide range of musical styles and genres. Attending their concerts, it’s so easy to tell how much they love doing what they do, and they make acapella look so simple too.

What’s the best part of all these events? Each one is free to the Agnes Scott community. During the upcoming semesters, take a break from studying, have a little fun, and support your fellow Scotties!

Image via Daniele Riggi/Unsplash