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Why No One Else's Opinion Matters When Getting a Breast Reduction



Making the decision to get any sort of surgery is nothing to take lightly. But, making the decision to get a breast reduction is not the sort of thing to decide in one day. Breast reductions at young ages (yes, 22 is still young when it comes to this) is not really talked about and honestly, it has not helped me make my decision and has helped me write this article.

While I have not had the surgery yet, I have been exposed to anyone and everyone's opinions about the surgery. Here are some of the unwanted opinions I have gotten so far.


“You're too young”

Yeah, no duh...Do you think I asked to be so overly blessed that I have back and neck pain? No! I am unhappy, so I am doing something about it! Also, none of your business.


“What about the scarring? Won’t it look unpleasant?”

Well good for you, you don't have to think about or see it. It’ll be hidden from everyone besides myself and my partner just like anyone else's chest is. Also, NoNe Of YoUr BuSiNeSs.


“It's not worth it.”

Oh, wow I'm sorry! I didn’t realize that you were able to feel my pain or make up my mind for me? Wow… Where were you when I was trying to decide what color to dye my hair! Really could have used your opinion there too…...not. You have no right to tell me if it will be worth it or not because you do not know what I go through. Also,  NONE Of YOUR BuSiNeSs.


“But then you might not be able to breastfeed!”

If I have to choose between the present where I am in pain and struggle to work out, or the future where I might have children…. I’ll go with the present and worry about breastfeeding when I get there. Also, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.


Just because you would never, or could never, or don't see why someone would ever get a breast reduction does not mean that you should tell them not to get one! Sure, I am all for sharing your opinions, but not if you’re going to be rude or try to get me to second guess my choice. Should someone choose to get a reduction, it is their choice and unless asked, keep your opinions to yourself. 


If you're not sure if you want a reduction surgery or if it's even for you, do your research! There are so many articles and blogs about what people go through. I did manage to find a few with college age women who got them, their journey and their results. You just have to do your research and don't listen to what everyone else says and follow your heart (and what your body is telling you) instead. Here is a video of a 17 year old and here is one of another girl who got one done last year and has a few videos on it! When it comes down to it, you have to do what is best for YOU and YOUR BODY!