Why College is like the Olympics

We all experience failure… even Olympic champions. Imagine this: you have worked four or more years to make an Olympic team. Before you is the ice rink or the treacherous slopes that will determine your gold medal fate. With just one fall or mistake, years of practice, sweat, and tears will seem irrelevant. After watching the Men’s Short Program in figure skating, the pain of failure was all too familiar- even more than halfway around the globe from PyeongChang. Several skaters fell within seconds of their program, leaving them angry and upset but nevertheless wanting a second chance to prove themselves. We college students can experience similar set-backs. Whether we are “stu-dying” or onto our fifth breakdown of the week, it can be difficult to regain focus and get back on our feet for the next round. However, we must fall before we can soar!  

figure skating GIF by ADWEEK

In a way, college itself is just like the Olympic Games. Now imagine this: you study several weeks for an exam only to find out you failed by one point. The cute guy from last night’s party is “just not that into you.” We’ve all been there one way or another and if you haven’t experienced these disappointments yet, don’t worry my friend, you’ll get there! However, college certainly has its highs despite its lows. A perfect score on a final exam you worked so hard for may feel as great as winning gold. Or the fact that your #MCM just liked your Insta post (glorious!). So don’t let a few negatives overshadow all the positives. College would not be college without a few obstacles to hurdle!

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You are a champion whether you compete at the Olympics or not. Got out of bed this morning? You’re already on fire! Run into heavy traffic during your early commute? Yeah, well that kind of sucks but you can always learn alternative routes for next time. Whether you are going for gold today in PyeongChang or finishing an article at your university library (like I am), give yourself credit for all that you do and keep being the best you!

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