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Being a nursing student you meet all kinds of patients. However, there are also different types of nursing students.  

1. 21 Questions

“Professor, I have a question.” You already guessed it, this person asks so many questions as if they need to decipher every word that has been stated. Back to back questions, throughout the entire class that they will eventually get a headache. You and your group of friends may even giggle every time they raise their hand or roll their eyes.

2. Story Teller

You don’t need to buy a nursing textbook because this person could write you a book about their lives or a person they’ve come into contact with that is relevant to the class. The second they hear a word that triggers a story they have to share it. They may or may not know whether you don’t like it or not, but frankly, they don’t care if you do.

3. Anxiety-Prone

I will be the first to say that this is me. Nursing school is so stressful. From the care plans to the constant studying to taking a test every few weeks, it makes me want to add an extra day too long hours in the week. As a nursing student I tend to plan everything down to the minute so when something happens unplanned, I go crazy. I go from being calm and in control and the next thing I know I’m screaming and crying over the amount of work given to me.

4. “Self Diagnosis”

Every time the professors review a new condition or mention the signs and symptoms of a particular disease, this person automatically compares it to themselves and they think they have the same thing. You name it, Diabetes, Cancer, muscle problems, etc. They usually spend the next 24 hours stressing about ways to prevent this from happening.

5. Walking Zombie

Nursing school takes away your sleep.I feel like I have no time to rest because I will lose crucial study time for nursing. This person is most likely to be found yawning really loud during lectures. They may even be addicted to coffee but have it not work anymore because of the number of cups they drink a day.  

6. Know it All

Need help studying? Or forgot what assignment you have to do? The Know-it-all will tell you.You may have a love-hate friendship with this person. You love them because they help you study and know everything, but yet you hate them because of their high grades and messing with the curve.


Nursing school is no joke. You will meet some interesting characters. At the end of the day, you will grow together and suffer the hardship of the classes. You always know you can count on your nursing friends.



Hello! My name is Shanisha! I am a Junior Nursing Major and part of the Levermore Global Scholars Program at Adelphi University. On campus, you will most likely find me in the Underground Cafe with my friends or at the Alice Brown Early Learning Center. These are my two favorite spots! I hope you are able to relate to the articles I write! Enjoy your day!! :) 
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