#TGIT is back!

Have you been suffering from #TGIT withdrawal? Are your OMG meters running low? Well have no fear because Shondaland and #TGIT returns Thursday, February 11 at 8|7c. Have the wine and porpcorn ready! 

Need a recap of what happened on those jaw dropping midseason finales? *SPOILER ALERT*

Grey's Anatomy

Meredith is still trying to cope with Derek’s death and Perfect Penny, the woman who killed her husband, being in the hospital. She also has kicked Amelia out after having a screaming match about Owen. At the end of the episode we see Amelia having a drink at the bar. Will she keep falling off the wagon for the remainder of the season?

Speaking of Owen, what’s his deal with Riggs? There’s certainly no love lost between those two. Owen has a sister and Riggs is somehow related to her in a troubling way. Will the two have another fighting match in the middle of the hall before the season is over?

Is Alex finally getting his happily ever after? Jo spent the entire episode having doubts about Alex’s friendship with Meredith and is about ready to call it quits when he pops the question. Will she say yes or will she say no and add to Alex’s tragic relationship history?

No one knows what’s happening with April and Jackson. We all cheered for them when they got married, cried with them when they lost their baby and our jaws dropped when April left to work in a war zone with Hunt. Will they have strength to stay together or are they calling it quits? #TeamJapril


Our favorite pair of lovers finally got together! YES! But not for long. It seems like Olivia is adjusting well to life in the White House, but by the end of the episode Olivia and Fitz called it quits, again. However, it looks like this time for good. And let’s not forget Olivia’s shocking on screen abortion. What made the scene even more powerful was the background music – Silent Night.

Olivia’s new couch – what’s with that? Olivia finally replaces her wine stained couch from when she was kidnapped. She ends the episode true to Olivia Pope style – smiling with a glass of wine.

Mellie is still a bad*ss fighting to get her place in Washington. This Virginia Junior Senator spent the episode filibustering about Planned Parenthood. Her filibuster was successful due to VP Susan Ross’ distraction, which allowed Mellie to go to the bathroom and receive a quick pep talk from Olivia Pope.

Huck kidnapped Rowan but he didn’t kill him. Instead he chose to mess with him psychologically earning yet another one of Papa Pope’s phenomenal monologues – this one being about family.  Yet again, Rowan remains a free man.

Jake, on the other hand, murders Russell, a fellow B613 agent, because he was responsible for the murder of his wife, Ellice, and launching Lazarus One. Will the B613 plot finally be put to rest? 

How to Get Away with Murder

I don’t even to know where to begin with this one.

Asher’s father committed suicide causing Asher to go off the rails and join club murder - by running over Emily Sinclair with his car. Bonnie helps him cover up Sinclair’s murder at the Hapstall mansion. Everyone is now aware of who killed who. So why does Asher end up at the police station?

Wes knows that Rebecca is dead, which is probably why he finally snapped and shot Annalise. This makes us question what exactly is the nature of their relationship? Is Wes Annalise’s son? Did I mention that his real name is Christophe? It seems like Wes has finally lost it. 

The Hapstall murder is still left unsolved. Annalise is framing Catherine for the murder. Frank drugged Catherine and she wakes up in the middle of the woods.

Speaking of Frank, what's the deal with the scene he made at the hospital? What does he know that we don't? 

Nate gets fired, again. He became Sinclair’s next victim in her hunt to take down Annalise. It seems like all hope is lost for him until he comes to the kids’ rescue after Annalise is shot.

First it was Leila, then it was Rebecca. Now the question on everyone’s mind is who’s next?



Are you ready gladiators?