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My Trick on Remembering to Take Your Vitamins

For a long time, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic serving as an awakening to our health, many people have emphasized how important it is to be healthy. We often hear various suggestions such as exercising, eating healthy, drinking nutritious beverages, and taking vitamins. Almost everyone takes vitamins for their health because they serve as a supplement to our food intake. By taking vitamins, you are basically adding more of that vitamin’s nutrient to your body. This is especially good if you feel that you aren’t getting enough of a certain nutrient from your food. With all of the things we have to think about, it can be easy to forget to take our vitamins. And with that, I will be sharing a trick that helps me remember to take mine.

This trick is to have at least one of your vitamins come in gummy form. When you take vitamins that come in gummy form, it’s sweet and feels as if you’re eating candy. This will help you look forward or remember to take your vitamins, as you will be thinking about the sensation of eating “candy.” Right now, I am taking Vitamins D₃, B₁₂, C, E, and a Centrum Multivitamin. Vitamins D₃ and B₁₂ come in gummy form while the rest come in pill form. Since two of my vitamins come in gummy form, I think about how I will have the sensation of eating candy, which helps me to remember to take my vitamins. 

I remember that, prior to implementing this trick, I would sometimes forget to take my vitamins. Now, missing one day of taking vitamins may not seem that bad, but the days would slowly begin to add up. With there being more days of no vitamin intake, I would be lacking some nutrients important to my health. Now that two of my vitamins come in gummy form, I simply look forward to the candy-like sensation of the vitamins.

I really hope this trick has you interested in implementing gummy vitamins into your vitamin intake. Vitamins surely help us remain healthy by adding in nutrients that we could either be lacking or have a minimal intake of. But, with gummy vitamins tasting like candy, you will be looking forward to that candy-like sensation and thus, remember to take your vitamins. Good health really pays off!

Hello reader! I am Carmilia Moise, and I am a second-year student at Adelphi University. I am majoring in Nursing. My favorite things to do are sing, act, dance, listen to music, and watch films and TV shows. I’m so excited to share my thoughts and likings through my article contributions to Her Campus!
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