Meet Our Newest HC Cutie: The #LateBloomer

*New Member Alert!* Read all about this wonderful #LateBloomer below:

Name: Emily Gallagher

Year: Senior

Major/minor: Computer Programming, Game Programming concentration.

My current career goals are: Become a professional game developer. I’m not sure yet whether I’d rather have the freedom of an indie developer or aim for stability at a large triple-A studio. Only time will tell.

When I’m not writing articles I’m usually: Playing video games, watching videos, or thinking of ideas for my next project.

Three things on my bucket list are:

  1. Learn the piano or violin.

  2. Perform in my own personal photo shoot.

  3. Adopt a child and a dog and raise both with all the love in the world!

A life-defining experience for me was: Exploring my gender and sexuality.

My hobbies and passions include: I enjoy not just playing video games, but also analyzing their mechanics and learning how they function.

I’m most proud of myself for: Not giving up on myself.

My dream vacation spot is: I’d like to visit Britain and do some sightseeing.

My favorite movie is: A Silent Voice; bring lots of tissues if you decide to watch it.

My favorite song is: Beneath the Mask sung by Lyn Inaizumi.

My favorite book is: SuperFreakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner. Definitely changes the way you look at issues in the world.

A fun fact about me is: I used to be really into art when I was in high school and took a few higher-level classes before initially pursuing a degree in animation. Since then, my abilities and focus have shifted towards the more mathematical and logical sides of entertainment.