How to Spend a ‘Me Day’ and Why It's Important for your Mental Health

Sometimes the overwhelming stress and anxiety from day to day life can really take a toll on me. So as a way to de-stress and get some comfort I made an unofficial ‘Me Day.’ On ‘Me Day’, I focus solely on me. Anything that makes me happy, comfortable, relaxed. Here is just a list of some of the things that I do on a Me day that you can try too.



Sleeping In

Since during the week, I can’t always get the sleep I want, and on the weekends I set my alarm for an hour later than my weekday one. That way I get at least one more hour of sleep and can still wake up early enough to spend some time relaxing and playing on my phone before I get out of bed to start my ‘me day’.



Organizing My Planners

One of the things that I love about having a “Me Day” is that I can decorate my planners the way I like. Like coloring, I love the idea of using my planner stickers, washi tape, and colorful pens. They make my week colorful and a tad more fun. But being that it’s “Me Day” I can spread out all of my colorful material and challenge my levels of creativity to something new and fun.



Watching My Fave Shows

Spending some time watching Friends, The Office, The Ranch, or Blackish, just to name a few of my favorite shows, are how I’ve spent a good portion of my ‘me days’. Spend the day watching your favorite show or favorite movies are a great way to relax and distress on your day off.

Listening to My Favorite Music

Music is one of the absolute best ways that help me relax and distress.  Music lowers my anxiety levels and keeps me calm and relaxed especially in stressful situations. If it’s before an exam or standing in a crowded elevator music is the one thing that can help me. So spending an hour or more with my eyes closed and just jamming to my favorite artist makes my ‘me day’ all the better and I bet it can make your day too.



Pigging Out

Snacking all day on my favorite snacks makes a ‘Me Day’ all the better. Have your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner and especially favorite snacks in between is the best part of the 'me day'. Sometimes having a snack as a dinner can be fun. Did someone say Ice cream for dinner #FoodGoals



Mental health is really important. Spending time worrying about your academic life, physical life, and your social life can take a lot of you. But having a ‘me day’ can definitely make your week a little bit easier. Since starting ‘me day’ a couple years ago, I can say it was one of the best decisions I made. Since adding ‘me day’ I feel more relaxed, I have more control over my anxiety, and I can find more joy knowing that ‘me day’ is around the corner.