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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Adelphi chapter.

Fall just got cooler because on October 15, The Driver Era dropped their sophomore album, Girlfriend. Consisting of the singles, “Leave Me Feeling Confident,” “#1 Fan,” and “Fade,” the sound of Girlfriend just makes you feel good about yourself. I promise you, the 51 minutes and 52 seconds of the album is worth your time.

“Heart of Mine” starts off the album. This song is ugh *chef’s kiss.* I think what really got me so invested in the song are the vocals and the sound. My comment on the vocals? Simple: amazing, 5-stars, top tier, and all that jazz. Now onto the sound. The sound is filled with an R&B and, somewhat, 80s sound. Two of my favorite music elements! It also makes me imagine I am in a colorfully dim lighted rollerskate rink and I am just jamming around to the music, while also throwing in a bit of rollerskating dance moves and tricks into the mix. Did I mention this is also my favorite from the album?

“cray z babe e” perfectly nails the feeling of love sickness. The title is self-explanatory, but the sound, vocals, and lyrics perfectly encapsulate being head over heels for someone. The mixture of Ross Lynch’s amazing vocals and sound would really remind you of times when you were madly in love or crushing hard for someone. I think the set of lyrics that really did it for me are: “Baby, baby / Where did you come from? / I go cray z babe e, without your love, yeah / Because I’ve done this before / She won’t call you back / Me not knowing where you are is a heart attack.” 

“When You Need A Man” has a funky and dancey vibe to it. The song is basically about a man appealing to a woman, saying that he can be the woman’s ideal man. But it also reminds women to know their worth, to know that some men don’t deserve them and there’s a better one out there. These set of lyrics are further proof: “See you [censored] with [censored] boy / Girl you know you got options / You don’t have to be his toy / I can show you what love is, and trust is / Your highness / Here’s my number / In case you wonder / Yeah you should call me / When you need a man.”  This album has been one of my highlights of 2021. Congrats to The Driver Era on a job well done. I hope my article was intriguing enough to get you to check out the three songs I discussed, as well as the rest of the album. As stated before, the 51 minutes and 52 seconds of the album is worth your time. Check out Girlfriend by The Driver Era on your music streaming platforms or other means of getting your music. Also check out the music video to “Heart of Mine” below!