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Five Women Wearing the Same Dress: A Recap.

Hello ladies! Last week was the acting program’s first show of the season! Now, I’m sure all of you went to see it because you’re supportive of our school, but just in case you didn’t, I’m here to fill you in on how incredible it was. 

The play was Five Women Wearing the Same Dress by Alan Ball and was directed by the head of the acting department, Nick Petron. The story goes over the course of one day, a wedding day, and centers around the bridesmaids of the party and the hilarity that ensues. Although this piece is very comedic, it does deal with some more sensitive subjects, so prepare to get serious after you’ve had that good laugh. 

As soon as you walked into the Black Box Theater to go to your seat, you were struck by this huge gorgeous set. The whole play takes place in Meredith’s room, who is the sister of the bride. It’s set in Knoxville, Tennessee and you can tell that they are a wealthy family–southern belles, if you will. As soon as I saw that set, I was ready to unpack my bags and move in to that room. I could happily live on that set, in the Black Box, for my entire life. It was so realistic and every little detail was in place so make you believe that this was a bedroom in Tennessee of a wealthy family. It honestly blew me away. The costumes, the same five dresses, were also perfect. They were ugly bridesmaids dresses without being too ugly or unflattering. Each character looked completely gorgeous. And well, thats because all of the actresses are completely gorgeous too!


Then comes the actual acting part. They could have had no set and no costumes and still have blown me away. The five women included Erica Lance, Stephanie Lee, Samantha Bancroft, Lauren Biazzo, and Meghan Starkes. These ladies are incredible. Each one has a very different character and they all shined in their own different ways. They all worked together to create this perfect little world that they then shared with us as the audience. Now, getting into these characters is no easy task. Actors don’t just walk up there and say some words. They dig deep into the history of the character and try to create a whole person just from that one play, which, in this case, was just the span of one day. They go back to even when the characters were born sometimes if that’s what they need to do! These ladies created such beautiful, full characters that you just got lost in the action and really felt for them. 

And then there is Dylan Libby. Wonderful, handsome, charming Dylan. He came on stage, and I think every lady in the audience wished that they were on stage with him. The charm oozed out of every single part of his body. He perfectly created a picture of the character and what type of man he was. And, if you know Dylan, it’s pretty different then how he normally is! Yes Dylan is always wonderful, handsome, and charming. But, in a much more wholesome way than his character Tripp. It was amazing to see how he could transform into someone else so perfectly. 

If you missed this performance, then you should definitely be kicking yourself right now. This was not one to miss! But, if you did, be sure to catch the acting departments production of Twelfth Night that will be opening soon! It’s set in the 1920’s, so think Great Gatsby meets Shakespeare. Who would wanna miss that?! I know I wouldn’t. So remember ladies, try to see as many things on campus, music events, dance events, theater events, sports events. We’re all connected to each other and its important that we support our fellow students and all of the great opportunities that Adelphi gives us! 

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