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Fall 2014 Fashion Must-Haves

Hello there ladies! Summer is now officially over. No more sun and surf, but say hello to knits and hats! I have to say, I am very excited for this season change. There is nothing that I love more than slipping on a nice knit cardigan before running out the door. Here are some of my favorite fall must-have’s that you must have this season:

1. Hats



Whether you rock the beanie or the ever popular floppy hat, both are in season and in style. They’re perfect for us college girls who may not have a lot of time to do our hair; just put in some dry shampoo for that purposefully messy look, throw on your hat, and you’re out the door in no time looking on point.


2. The Chealsea Boot

Currently sweeping the fashion scene right now, Chelsea boots are the thing to have. Whether they’re flats or platforms, this style is hot! They’re a perfect transition shoe because they’re not super heavy, but they’re not super light either. But who cares? They’re so cute that they could weigh 100 pounds, and I’d still wear them! They may look plain and basic in the picture, but do some googling girls. After seeing these shoes paired with outfits, I guarantee you you will be drooling. My personal favorite is the cleated platform Chelsea boot. I am dying to get my hands on a pair! 


3. Loose Knit Sweater



I think fall is my favorite season simply because I LOVE KNIT SWEATERS! You seriously cannot go wrong with a nice knit piece. Loose knit is definitely preferable for fall, however. It’s going to keep you just warm enough that you don’t need to wear a jacket, but just cool enough that you’re not sweating walking from class to class. Either show a little skin and go bare underneath, or pair it with a tank top. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can find a very loose knit sweater and wear a graphic tee underneath! Shirts with quotes on them are very big right now; give it a shot! 


4. Utility Jacket


Not feeling knits today? That’s okay! Grab your handy dandy utility jacket. You can wear anything underneath it ,and it has the same effect as the knit sweater keeping your temperature perfectly regulated for the day ahead of you. My personal favorite is the army green, but you can find many different colors including gray, and even burgundy!


These are just a few basic must haves! Very doable for a college girl on a budget, but still keeping you up-to-date and fashionable for the season ahead. The best thing about these trends, you can wear all of the in one outfit! Style points: 10,000. So go out there, and lets show fall who’s boss ladies! 

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