“Fade” by The Driver Era is the Perfect Song About Life

On Friday, September 25th, brother duo Rocky and Ross Lynch-known to many as The Driver Era-released a song called “Fade”. This song was made back in 2017, but it wasn’t until this year that the public got to hear it. The smooth melody-paired with Ross’ soothing voice-leaves you calm and pensive, while also drawing your attention to the message: the hardships, struggles, and confusion of life.

“Nobody ever gets closer/Life’s just one big rollercoaster/At least we try” might mean that while we try to hold onto people, life has its ups and downs, twist and turns, and loop-dee-loops; things don’t work out-but it doesn’t mean we should stop trying. 

“Find a good reason to wake up/Maybe it’s scrambled and bacon/Is there a reason why?” might be suggesting that we should find a small part of our day to look forward to-maybe the best part of your day is when you’re eating scrambled eggs and bacon! 

“It’s all just gonna fade away/We’re all just gonna fade one day/In hope of better times I’ll wait/But do you have time to hold on with me?/With me?” could mean that since time is going to pass and life is just going to continue on, we should enjoy the precious time we have with the people around us. 

The lyric, “Bad days make good days better”, has an undeniably strong message: our bad days make our good days more enjoyable. On that same note, I interpreted the lyric, “Great minds have bad days too”, to mean that those who are happy and positive have their unsatisfactory and negative days too. 

I hope the lyrics and their interpretations have interested you enough to check out this amazing and essential song-I promise you, it’s worth the four minutes of your time. Be sure to purchase or stream “Fade” by The Driver Era from the music-providing service you use. You can check out the music video down below.