Do You Make Decisions Using Your Head or Your Heart?

Decisions are something we all have to make on our own, at some point in our lives. But the question is, do we decide with our heart or with our mind?


Our heart is an authentic faction that shows us who we are on the inside, what we really feel, and what we truly desire. Our mind, on the other hand, is a logical and reasonable tool that helps us see the world in black and white. Some people might think that their emotions make them a monster; restrain them from doing the right thing; they make biased decisions. But, I don’t think that is true. Speaking solely for myself, my heart plays a huge role in decision-making. 


I am always wrapped in my emotions. If I didn’t make decisions with my heart, I wouldn’t be staying in New York today; I wouldn’t be studying Psychology at Adelphi; and most importantly, I wouldn’t be living my dream. As the Fox in The Little Prince said, “ It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, what’s essential is invisible to the eyes.” If we never consider what makes us happy, we will end up living life in a depressed and unfulfilled life.


For others, the mind might be the driving force in making choices. It is without a doubt that if we don’t think and plan before we make decisions, we are most likely to end up in a fix. Therefore, the two factions should work together in solving the problem. When we’re at the crossroads of having to choose between the heart and the mind, we should eliminate the fork in the road by merging the path. Like Nelson Mandela once said, “ A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”


- Shreya Shah