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Adelphi Bucketlist

In no particular order, here are our top ten bucket list items of things to do before 
graduating from Adelphi! 
1) Get free student rush tickets to a play showing at the PAC – No matter what 
you see, you’ll have fun. Plus, the tickets are free!
2) Grab lunch and go watch a baseball game when the weather is nice – When 
the weather’s nice, sometimes all you want to do is grab a wrap and watch a 
3) Spend twelve hours in the CRS with your friends at Relay for Life – You’re up 
all night with your friends having fun and you’re helping raise money for a 
really important cause; what could be better than that?!
4) Start a snowball fight on the quad in the winter – Cliché? A little. Super fun? 
5) Pull a successful finals week all-nighter in Swirbul – This may not necessarily 
mean being completely focused all night, but you still get to say that you did 
6) Be the Adelphi HerCampus campus celebrity – Honestly, who doesn’t want 
7) Successfully convince a professor to hold class outside on a nice day – When 
the sun is shining and you’re stuck in class looking out the window, you’re 
going to want to be sitting on the grass.
8) Spend an afternoon on the roof of the science building – Because why not?
9) Find the perfect parking spot right before class – Just once, please.
10) Graduate from Adelphi after having the best four years of your life – The 
ultimate goal.
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