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7 Restaurants that Let You Taste the World

1)   Frankly Thai – If you’re looking for someplace new to get dinner, you should definitely head over to Franklin Square over on Hempstead Turnpike to grab some classic Thai. With delicious entrees such as Thai Fried Rice, Yellow Curry, Pad Ginger, and Golden Chicken, Frankly Thai is the place to be if you’re looking to spice up Saturday dinner.

2)   A New Leaf – Studying and need a break? Want to relax with a warm cuppa? Take a trip to A New Leaf in Garden City, where they have a variety of teas from all over the world! From English Breakfast to Green Tea or Matcha, A New Leaf offers a variety of teas that you can sit down and drink there, or bring home to try on your own!

3)   Jani – Jani is located in Franklin Square and offers both Japanese and Chinese food. Classic take out-or sit-in dinner, if you’re looking for Japanese or Chinese, Jani is the place to be. From Chow Mein to Sushi to Pan-Fried Noodle, your Friday night craving will be crushed.

4)   Guido’s – Located in Elmont, Guido’s is an Italian deli that has the best and freshest food, but also has a ton of Italian paraphernalia, such as Italian flags, jackets, and music. Being Italian myself, Guido’s is one of my favorite places to go whenever I want fresh food for lunch.

5)   Greek Corner – Another on this list that is in Franklin Square, Greek Corner is where you’ll want to be if you’re in the mood for a gyro, some spanakopita, or stuffed grape leaves. A favorite of locals, Greek Corner has delicious food, great people, and a lively and welcoming atmosphere that anyone would love.

6)   Plattdeutsche – Looking for some steak tartare or a classic German dish to make dinner a little more fancy this weekend? The Plattdeutsche in Franklin Square is the place for you! A little more upscale than the other restaurants mentioned, the Plattdeutsche is where you should be for a nice dinner out.

7)   Havana Central – Finally, if you’re looking to get a taste of Cuba, you’re going to want to take a trip to Garden City to go to Havana Central. Grab a plate of Vaca Frita, Picadillo, or Paella Vallenciana with friends – they even have live music sometimes! Fantastic dishes, good music, and great friends – what more could you want from a night out?!

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