The Young Women’s Movement

The Young Women’s Movement


YWCA Scotland (The Young Women’s Movement) is part of a world movement of women leading change. The feminist charity’s vision is a world where every woman can shape her own life journey and fulfil her potential; where the voices of women are heard, respected and celebrated.



I’m lucky enough to have become a volunteer with them this year along with other amazing women pictured above.  You can read about the team here

I’m one of their social media volunteers and that means I get to do takeover days of their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@youngwomenscot) and go along to events where I can help cover what’s happening. I’d been following the YWCA for some time before volunteering with them and I’ve always loved their girl power, motivational and fun posts and also their honesty in regards to issues such as mental health, so I love that I can now be a part of this.



Kara Brown who works for the World YWCA and who was the previous director of The Young Women’s Movement, had asked me for a project she was working on last year what being part of this organisation meant to me and my three key words that I used were security, confidence and kindness. I picked these words because I feel secure as they provide a safe space and environment to work in, I think my confidence has grown as I feel even more proud to be myself and talk openly about things like my anxiety and lastly kindness as I think everyone I’ve met or engaged with online just seems so lovely. I love these two badass and inspiring women, Kara on the left and digital media officer Jemma Tracey in the middle.


If you’d also like to become a part of the Young Women’s Movement you can sign up here or get involved by following our social media accounts and you can also join in on our latest social media campaign #moretaeme which focuses on what women embody such as our stories, memories and experiences. We want to encourage young women to share something about themselves that highlights one part of who they are and that there is more to them than just that one element; so there’s more to them than meets the eye.


Photos: Anna’s own and The Young Women’s Movement’s.