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Women In Business Series: Laurel Street, Undercover Colors.

This week Her Campus Aberdeen has started their ‘Women in Business’ series, looking at how women are getting their foot in the door of different lines of business. I was lucky enough to contact Laurel Street, from the U.S of A., and ask her about her work at Undercover Colors.

Undercover Colors is that amazing company responsible for the revolutionary nail polish that changes colour when it comes into contact with date rape drugs. The company’s aim is to empower women to stand against sexual assault and to shift the fear from the victim to the perpetrators. Bloody brilliant, right?

Laurel started working at Undercover Colors in the summer of 2014 as a social media intern and then became a permanent employee in the fall and has transitioned from social media to a role in market research.  So let’s crack on and get to know this business savvy lady!

F: Hey Laurel! How did you get involved with Undercover Colors and what attracted you to applying for the internship?

L: I first learned about Undercover Colors when it was in its early stages as a business and I immediately knew I wanted to become involved. I’m very passionate about our mission, and I knew I could use my marketing skills to help the company reach its goals. I began as a social media intern this summer, and now I’m working in market research.  It’s rewarding to work for a cause I care about, alongside people who are also passionate about preventing sexual assault and rape. 

F: It’s great that you are so passionate about what you do. You work in market research, could you tell us a little bit about what that role involves?

L: Most of what I do revolves around focus groups—designing questions and moderating discussions to learn more about consumer needs.  I also monitor our social media channels, and prepare reports analyzing our trends.  Using this quantitative and qualitative data, I’m able to learn more about how to position ourselves in the market and better understand what our target market is looking for in a product.

F: That sounds awesome! What has been your highlight of working with the company so far?

L: The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I am making a difference outside of myself and impacting society.  I also really love our company culture.  There is something really fun about working for a start-up—I’ve been able to work in a variety of different roles and on lots of projects. I love working with people who are truly passionate about what they do. 

F: It must be so great to work for such an original start up company. But have you faced any tough challenges in your job roles?

L: Balancing school and work can sometimes be a little tricky, but I have learned to manage my time well, know my limits, and to be careful about overcommitting myself. 

F: Us gals at HC applaud your organisational skills, Laurel! So, what advice would you give women if they wanted to get their foot in the door of the business world, be that starting up their own business or applying for internships/jobs?

L: My best piece of advice is to pursue things you are passionate about, and to be persistent.  I think a lot of times we set our own limitations, but don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.  I honestly believe that the only way you can do your best work is to pursue something you care about and enjoy doing. 

F: Thank you so much for your wise words of advice, and for being the perfect introduction to our women in business series! All the girls at HC Aberdeen love the idea of the nail polish and are excited about everything the company is achieving. How can we keep up to date on what Undercover Colors are doing?

L: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates! We are so thankful to have your support!

Currently in fourth year studying English at Aberdeen University and LOVES being an Editor for Aberdeen University's chapter on Her Campus. Obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio, cocktails and things glittery.
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