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Why you should join Her Campus Aberdeen


1) Our Socials


Under brand new management of our social secretary Rebecca and vice social secretary Freya, our events and socials this year will have something for everyone. We’ll begin the semester with a themed event which will be a dress-up back to school event, so if you’re into anything fun I suggest you throw on a pair of knee high socks and come along. We are also known for our unreal bar crawls and treasure hunt drinking events, especially around Halloween. So, if you want to hang out, have fun, and meet a great group of gals, then you should come along to our events and join HCAU this year!

2) Our Writers Meetings

Being an online magazine means our members are constantly writing brand new material that is posted online and shared for the uni community to enjoy. But to be honest, it would be pretty difficult to think of something new to write about every week without the help of each other. This is what makes our writers meetings so fab! We meet on Monday every fortnight and discuss everything from the Kardashian clan, to global politics, from one girl’s dating disasters to another’s trip abroad. Nothing is off limits when it comes to topics for articles and we love brand new ideas. If nothing else, it’s also the perfect place to off-load with a group of girls willing to listen and give advice. A complete safe space for all!

3) New Friends!

Unlike other sports teams and societies, this isn’t something we’ve been learning and doing our whole lives, so don’t be off put by the idea that we’re all professional bloggers, because we definitely are not! HC is a way to meet a whole group of girls from outside your flat and your curricular area. A lot of girls join on their own and some join in groups, but whatever you chose we’ll make you feel as welcome as possible. We truly believe in the more the merrier! A couple of girls on our committee this year are even becoming flatmates after just meeting 1 year ago in Her Campus so you never know- you may find a new bestie!

4) Opportunities

Pushing yourself to write articles and become a published author for HCAU can open up so many opportunities outside of university, and it’s a great thing to put on your CV! Joining HC also gives you the opportunity to plan events and contact local businesses as well as manage social media platforms and post on behalf of HCAU. You might even find yourself working your way up through the society, becoming a treasurer or even the president! The world is your oyster when you join HCAU!

We hope we see you at our next writers meeting or event & we can’t wait to meet all our new members!


All photos: Tamarra’s Own 

President for Pink level Her Campus Aberdeen!
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