What Your Bobbin Order Says About You

Ever wondered what your usual at the Bobbin says about you? Look no further than this 100% scientifically accurate* article!

*not actually scientifically accurate

Dark Fruits

An absolute staple! Maybe hastily choked down in between classes (we've all been there) or sipped casually at the end of a long day, no visit to the Bobbin would be complete without a pint of this sweet purple nectar brought to us by the gods.

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You'd love a dark fruits really, but saasmas isn't for another couple of weeks. Grin and bear it for now, valiant soldier.


The Bobbin is not the pub for you.

Punk IPA

You're too fancy for a Tennents, but also craft beers taste gross.


You are a fresher. Or someone's mum.

Old Mout

As above, but you're also a vegan.

White wine

You secretly hate white wine (as we all do) but it's the only drink that doesn't remind you of that one time you almost died. Maybe you won't ruin this one for yourself?


You took a gap year and really ~found yourself~.

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Red wine

You are a wine snob.


You have a really obscure taste in music. Your favourite band? We've probably never heard of them. You use words like 'jazz fusion' and no one has ever seen you outside of the Bobbin.

Vodka mixer

You're too cool for pints, or maybe you're just here for pres. The question remains, however: Coke or lemonade? Ice or no ice? Straw or no straw?

Vodka red bull

You know how to party. You're also probably not great at respecting people's personal space.


You don't know the difference between the Bobbin and Exo.

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Tin can cocktail

You know EXACTLY what's up. Bonus points if it's a pornstar tinny. Even better if you buy one Tuesday - Thursday, you absolute legend.

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You are lost.

Gin and tonic

You haven't quite realised yet that you don't hate gin, you actually hate tonic. Sorry, bud.

Gin and lemonade

You're ~interesting~

Tequila shots

We would not get on if we met.

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Sambuca shots

You will end up at Underground at some point within the next 24 hours. It'll be great until you can't find your phone or your ID. Worth it? Always. Sambuca is delicious and for only the elites among us.

Vodka shots

You never let go of your high school persona.


Seriously, no one likes it when you stagger back from the bar with 4 jagerbombs in each hand, because we can't say no. These delicious danger drinks will either make or break your night, and you're not fussed about finding out which until it's too late. Party on.