Welcome To The Committee: Rebecca Armstrong-Fleming



Welcome To The Committee: Rebecca Armstrong-Fleming


Name: Rebecca Armstrong-Fleming

Degree: Linguistics

Year: 2nd

Committee Position: Social Secretary

This week HC caught up with the new Social Sec Rebecca to find out a little more about her and what she has planned for the year ahead!


HC: Okay so first of all, when and why did you choose to join Her Campus?


R: I joined Her Campus last year after hearing about it from a friend. I couldn’t believe how awesome it sounded. When I looked it up online and saw the variety of posts that people had written I instantly fell in love. I love how diverse the society is because you meet the most interesting people that you wouldn’t necessarily have met if it wasn’t for HC!


HC: That’s honestly so nice to hear! We’re so glad you joined! So, what are you most looking forward to about your new role as Social Secretary?


R: I think my main priority is that everyone enjoys themselves. I really want our events to be something people can look back on after university and laugh about how fun they were.


HC: Which event are you most looking forward to planning?


R: I really loved planning the Fresher’s Pub Crawl, especially because it was our first event, and the first one I had planned! We themed it “Back 2 School” because we felt, especially for Freshers, it wasn’t that daunting, especially because we were mostly talking about our high school experiences. It was fun to look back and talk about our high school experiences, and I feel like it was a nice transition into their new adventure at university!


HC: Yeah, definitely! So, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


R: If I’m not reading a book (which is at least 50% of the time) then you’ll find me at the gym or biking. This is because of having chronic illnesses. I lost muscle definition and had to work hard at physio to regain it. Now, three years on, I love to treat my body to a gym session to prove to myself how far I have come!


HC: Ahh, that’s amazing, go girl! What did you get up to this summer?


R: My summer was basically leading up to Leeds Festival with my two friends. It felt very surreal that I was finally going because I’ve been waiting four years! But it was definitely worth the wait because I can now say I’ve seen Eminem live!


Quick Fire:

HC: Favourite snack

R: Peanut butter all the way

HC: Dream job

R: Forensic linguist

HC: Pet hate

R: People chewing loudly


HC: Thanks for chatting to us Rebecca!

Photos: Rebecca's Own