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Welcome to the Committee Meridyth Alderson

Name: Meridyth Alderson

Studying: Psychology

Year: 3rd

Committee Position: PR Secretary

HC: Hi Meridyth! You’re here for another semester on the committee, this time as PR Secretary. Congratulations! Are you excited?

MA: Yes! So excited.

HC: After such a successful previous semester as Vice PR, we’re looking forward to seeing what treats you have in store for us this year. Anything that will top that famous ‘I’m So Excited’ Instagram video?

MA: We have a tonne of stuff planned for this semester. There’s going to be some cool giveaways and I really want to create more videos after ‘I’m So Excited’. We have some ideas to recreate old nostalgic videos from our childhood that everyone will be able to relate to, so get ready kids! We have some funny content coming out to the people real soon. I don’t want to say too much, but when SAAS comes in catch me on Amazon buying a wig.

HC: Sounds great! Your love for Her Campus really shows. What initially encouraged you to join the society?

MA: Hmm, I think I wanted to make a lot more girlfriends and after seeing the Instagram page and following it for some time I noticed that Her Campus just seemed like a loving and friendly environment. Everyone seemed so sweet so I went along to the first meeting and everyone was really kind and welcoming.


HC: Speaking of your friends here at HC, any existing articles from the past semester which deserve special recognition?

MA: There are so many. I really loved Julia’s ‘The 4 Reasons Why I Deleted My Instagram’. It was extremely well-written and everything about it made me want to continue reading. Carlyn’s ‘Why I Don’t Believe In January Detoxes’ was also very honest and truthful for the times we live in as well as being very supportive of a healthy environment for people to live in. Finally, I’ve got to give a shout out to Shannon’s ‘HCAU Tips To Netflix And Chill’. It was entertaining, on-brand, and really felt like having a good chat to a friend.

HC: Your articles tend to cover all bases. You nail the fluffy pieces, the topical pieces, and, of course, the pieces which strive to save Slains (please keep doing what you’re doing). So, which ones are your favourite to write?

MA: Really the ones that have more heart, more of me. For example, I loved writing my ‘Confessions of a Lush-Aholic’ article purely because I just… love Lush! My very first attempt at writing an article for HC involved so much scrapping and starting over because it didn’t seem to be working out for some reason. It was then that I decided to change the subject entirely and write about the current controversy with Tess Holiday. A lot of me went into that article and that’s when I discovered that I liked writing from the heart. The more from the heart, the better the article was.

HC: Your Tess Holiday article definitely had a lot of love put into it. Now, let’s imagine Her Campus is a product. How would you sell the society to any potential members who may be unsure?

MA: Hmm, okay give me a minute. I think I would sell it as this great place to grow and try new things. If you’re interested in writing, you can literally write about anything, there are no limitations. You’re able to explore your own style and who you are with a great environment and group of people around you to support that.

HC: Agreed. Finally, as is expected from a HC ‘Welcome to the Committee’ post, we’re going to have a ‘quick fire’ round so buckle up! Best Netflix show?

MA: Okay so! I’m really weird and don’t have one!! It honestly changes so quickly, what’s my favourite this month will definitely not be my favourite next month.

If I have to choose then I’m going to have to go with Jane the Virgin or Doctor Who… neither of which are Netflix Originals anyway!

HC: Dream job?

MA: Steve Irwin. Like it’s not technically a job but I just want to be Steve Irwin… without the crocodiles.

HC: Cooking or baking? (I know you love to bake a brownie or 10)

MA: Both! I mean I love cooking and baking is just fun so yeah, both. Just chuck me in the kitchen and I’ll make something!

HC: Trump or Boris?

MA: Death.


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