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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

Welcome to the Committee- Katie 


Name: Katie 

Degree: Business Management

Year: 4th

Hometown: Edinburgh

Committee Position: Treasurer




I took the time to have a wee chat with one of our brand new committee members Katie about what she’s been up to and what she’s looking forward to most being in the centre of Her Campus now. Here’s what she had to say!


HC: Hey Katie! Congratulations on your new committee position! What are you looking forward to most about being Treasurer?


KC: Thank you, I cannot wait to be more involved in all things Her Campus! Merchandise is something I am passionate about with HCAU so I am excited to work with Kitty (PR) and help her design new things and facilitate the ordering of all the great merchandise! I am very organised so hopefully that comes in handy with the money side of the treasurer role!


Something in general I think being on the committee will enable me to do is better get to know all members of the society. Having a more involved role at meetings will mean I will get to know both new and old members on a more personal level and making sure everyone feels welcome and included.


HC: Being on the committee is definitely a great way to get to know all the members on a more personal level. Also very excited about the new merch you and Kitty have in store for us! But now, how do you think your family would describe you to someone who’s never met you?


KC: They would say I am outgoing person, I love a good chat with everyone and am very sociable!



HC: Your Instagram made it seem like you had an amazing summer! What were your most memorable summer moments?


KC: I love an Instagram compliment, so thank you! This summer has been the best one by far! I have loved catching up with friends in Edinburgh over brunch or having a shopping spree in Zara! It has been the 21st birthday season this summer so it has been birthday celebrations galore which has been super fun to get into the birthday mood.


On a less superficial level, I have beyond adored volunteering this summer with a charity called Over the Wall. It runs residential camps in the UK throughout the summer for children with serious illnesses and their families. I volunteered at the Scotland camp and then again at the Midlands camp and both times I was a team mate for a group of boys aged 8-10. We spent the week doing activities from rock climbing to arts and crafts (and everything in between including crazy songs with actions and talent show performances). This was something I previously would have considered out with my comfort zone but the children were all great fun and the other volunteers are some of the nicest people I have ever met.


HC: You’re in your last year of university – what are your top 3 things you want to achieve during 4th year?




  1. Make the most of the last year of being a student – go on lots of nights out and enjoy the last year of a 9-5 free life.
  2. Fingers crossed achieve my degree! This is the final academic push so hopefully I can survive the toughest year!
  3. Appreciate the day-to-day amazing things about uni. I have been blessed to have some of the most amazing friends as well as flatmates that are a second family, so I want to make the most of being with them all on a daily basis and have as much fun with everyone as possible.


HC: Being an experienced 4th year, what are some mistakes you made in first year that you want to warn freshers about? Or did make it through without any major mistakes?


KC: I would say I escaped pretty much without any hugely major mistakes! (thankfully!!)


Advice I would give to new freshers is not to panic if freshers’ week seems super crazy, it all calms down and starts to make sense a couple of weeks into the term! 1st year is definitely all about finding your feet in a new environment so just make the most of everything and have an easy-going attitude!



HC: What is the best thing about Aberdeen?


KC: Aberdeen is such an amazing city! Coming from Edinburgh, Aberdeen is definitely a much smaller city but I think that’s ideal for a student! It is a very manageable size for moving away from home for the first time but it’s still big enough that it doesn’t seem claustrophobic! On the flip side my least favourite thing would be the weather. I really don’t like the cold so Aberdeen in the winter is not my cup of tea!


HC: A little more light-hearted; what would be your perfect date?


KC: Oooh I would love a meal out! Either chilled and during the day like waffles or brunch or more fancy in the evening with an Italian meal and cocktails.


To end it all some quick-fire questions:

Rev or Institute? Rev is AMAZE for a cocktail!

Ice cream or waffles? Waffles!

TV or books? TV! I wish I could say books but sadly the answer is TV.

White or blue jeans? 100% white! Such a fun choice and they match any outfit!


All photos: Katie’s Own